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Monday, November 21, 2011

A Sterling Screw Up

News reports over the past year coming out of the ivory towers of the Luzerne County Courthouse have all stated that we are broke. Our commissioners closed Moon Lake and the Forty Fort Soccer Fields because we had no money. Cuts were made in the budget and some jobs eliminated. Things were looking bleak in the county. Taxes were raised and a bogus levy fee was put in place. Now, the pin heads in county government have approved a $1,000,000.00 allocation for the demolition of the Hotel Sterling. WHAT! WHAT! WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY GETTING THE MONEY? The owner of the condemned building, CityVest claims that they are out of funds and want the county to take control of the project. When CityVest took over the property, they had a major plan in place to renovate the old Sterling at an estimated cost of $26.8 to $35.6 million dollars. Our jug heads at the courthouse then loaned CityVest $6,000,000.00 which was spent to tear down the attached 14 story high-rise and to clean up the surrounding areas. Hell, my friends and I could have grabbed a few sledge hammers and ripped the thing down for $2 million. Anyway, the $1,000,000.00 given by the county is coming from a community development business loan fund that is supposed to be used for economic development. In other words, instead of using it to remodel or start new downtown business, these morons have to use it to rip down the Sterling.

In my eyes, the county along with the City Of Wilkes-Barre made one horrible business deal with CityVest. As of right now, both have put $7,260,000.00 towards nothing! A total waste of our money! The Sterling has been an albatross, jinxing the area for years. The county says they need to put money toward this thing because the property has a high value. They actually think that they will recoup their money through the sale of the property. My guess is that they won't. Who the hell wants that property? What the hell are they going to do with it? My prediction is either Wilkes or Kings will buy the property and the county will lose a bundle. If one of the colleges does not buy it, Wilkes-Barre's biggest parasite, "Tapeworm" Thom Greco will buy it for a song once the city and county are desperate. I'm sure forgiveness of taxes owed will be involved. Let's face it, the leaders of our area are idiots! Speaking of idiots, Commissioner Steve Urban "Sprawl" thinks we should do a study on how to proceed with the demolition. What will that cost the taxpayers Urban "Sprawl"? I can tell you how to tear it down, throw in a few sticks of dynamite and light a match.


  1. Whether they recoup the money or not, the money to tear it down is money well spent.

  2. i say it is is not well spent, its wasted money out of our pockets, its like double dipping and that pisses me off. lets just hope it collapses on its own and no one gets hurt.