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Monday, December 12, 2011

Detectives Cash In

The definition of a detective is; a member of the police force or a private investigator whose function is to obtain information and evidence, as of offenses against the law. In Luzerne County you can add to obtain a huge salary while the county goes bankrupt. It was reported on Saturday that three Luzerne County Detectives will each receive more than $105,000 in pay this year. WHAT! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! One hundred and five thousdand dollars? Thanks to their hefty contract these bozo's will earn this much money from salary, raises, overtime, longevity bonuses and other collective-bargining agreements. Thank you to The Luzerne County Detectives Association for grabbing onto the sagging teat of the system and sucking it dry. Also a big thanks goes to former Commissioners Skrepenak and Vonderheid for approving this milk machine of a contract. It does not surprise me that the Skrep and Dunderheid rubber stamped this contract considering they probably did the same with many others.

When you dig into the nuts and bolts of this contract you want to vomit all over your keyboard. There are 10 detectives working for the county, don't ask me what they do who receive 3.5% annual pay increases each year. Shit, I haven't seen a raise since Moses parted the red sea. They also receive a longevity bonus using a formula based on years of service. By the way, Steven Hawking put together this formula. These bonuses cost the county and "We The People" $70.299 in 2011 alone. Oh, there is more. Chief Detective Michael Dessoye who was hired in 1979 received a bonus of, drum roll please...$13,530 plus a raise of $2700 which places his pay at $95,532. HOLY CRAP!

Their contract also guarantees a minimum of 4 hours of O.T. if they are called out after their shift. They get the 4 hours pay even if they don't put 4 hours in. The total of overtime paid out this year to our detectives was $39,644. The biggest theft of O.T. came from Daniel Yursha who bled the county of $6,685. These jokers can also sell back unused holiday, vacation and personal days which cost us $39,232 for 2011. These clowns get 18 sick days, 5 personal days and up to 30 vacation days a year. They also get a clothing and equipment allowance of $1,050 per year and a cell phone stipend of $1,200 a year to help them out with the use of their phones at home. Like they really need that one! They also take home county owned vehicles while the D.A.'s office cannot do so.

In other words, these teat suckling bastards are milking the county dry. This has to STOP! No one in the working sector gets these kind of perks anymore. Hell, people who work for the Federal Government don't get this kind of royal treatment. What the hell do these jug heads do anyway? Let me answer that. According to the Luzerne County Website, The Detective Division is the investigative arm of the Luzerne County District Attorney’s Office. There are currently ten County Detectives within the Detective Division. The County Detectives are assigned to investigate criminal activity which occurs within Luzerne County. Crimes investigated include homicide, sexual assault, domestic violence, homicide by motor vehicle – DUI related, white collar crime, and crimes against children. County Detectives also investigate other matters as assigned by the Luzerne County District Attorney. My guess is the way crime is running rampant in the county they don't meet this definition. It's time for the county to reel in this kind of wasteful spending to get these types of groups into the real world. Dump the contract with the Detectives Association and start fresh. The gravy train has pulled into its last stop and now it's time for realistic spending.


  1. nice idea, thanks for sharing...

  2. all this has just ruined a perfectly working keyboard thanks to the spew now resting upon it...lest see them investigate that .