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Friday, January 13, 2012

LCB - Drunk For More Money

Boy, do I have a Gripe with the Pa. Liquor Control Board otherwise known as the LCB. On Wednesday, the LCB voted to raise the prices on Wine and Spirits sold in the state. Spokeswoman for the LCB, Stacey Witalec stated that the prices have not been increased for 18 months and must be raised due to the poor economy. Oh boy, they have not raised prices in 18 whole months! What a shame! Anyway, depending on what type of booze you like will determine how much the price goes up. Some will go up $0.50 while some like the 12-year old vintage Jameson Irish Whiskey will see an increase of $5.00 a bottle. Guess what I like to drink? You got it, the 12-year old vintage Jameson Irish Whiskey. Doesn't that figure! Boned again for having some class! The LCB will raise the prices on some 313 items which are found in all Wine & Spirits shops throughout the Commonwealth with the highest increase of $240 coming on a 750 ml bottle of Hennessy Cognac Paradis. The LCB claims that the vendors themselves have requested this hike due to higher costs to make, market and ship their products. Do I believe that the vendors requested this increase, NO! The price hike, said board spokeswoman Stacey Witalec, would create about an additional $3.9 million annually in profit and $2 million in tax revenue for the state. There you go! That's more like it! Blame it on the invisible vendors while the state grabs the money bag and runs.

Frankly, I think this just plain STINKS! It seems whenever the state needs some extra cash, they either tax or raise the prices on gasoline, cigarettes or alcohol. If they keep up these shenanigans, We The People will no longer be able to afford to have a little fun. Hell, they lowered the legal drunk limit so low all you have to do is smell a beer and you are considered drunk behind the wheel. Pretty soon, there will be no fun to be had and that is when all hell will break loose. Once these jug heads in Harrisburg start tampering with my booze, watch the hell out! We All know what happened during Prohibition! People will start making their own hooch to drink and sell on the side. Hell, I brew my own beer on occasion as a hobby, but may soon do it more often instead of buying it. I could easily fashion up a still in my garage. A friend of the R2G, Mike P and his wife make their own wine and brandy and have compiled quite a wine selection. The bottom line here is when will it all stop? When will the government stop whacking We The People every time they need some money to piss away. I'll tell you when...when we rise up and storm the government buildings to take over, that's when. It's time we get common sense government in place and NOW! They need to stop hitting us in the pocket book of fun!

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