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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Responses to The LCB - Drunk For Money

We had a few responses to our latest Gripe concerning the LCB raising their prices on the nectar of the gods, Wine and Spirits.

Tim Pa Juggolo wrote: Thats pretty disgusting personally. How dare they take away my friday fun.

Also checking in was Dave C,the founder of Check-tober Fest: Theres probably more "behind the scene" here. The LCB is more than likely trying to make extra cash fast BEFORE they privatize the liquor stores in PA. They ( the LCB ) more than likely already know this is going to happen.

Finally, one of our best Gripers, Bob W from Toy Town: Dave that is a good point that has seemed to slip by everyone . This state in the words of the joker in the movie Batman said "this town needs an enema" just use state for town.

Great responses from all. Dave does bring up a good point about them privatizing the stores. Let's rape the public for everything we can get before we say Esta la-vista baby to the stores.


  1. I wonder if the state is still collecting 18% tax on liquor sales to rebuild Jamestown after the flood? If I remember correctly, the tax started out at 10% and over the years increased to 18%.

  2. Joe, back on July 16th, 2011 the R2G reported about this tax and YES the state is still collecting it. Maybe they should call this latest increase the West Pittston Flood Tax. By the way, Joe you make a good tasting wine as well.