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Friday, February 10, 2012

I Am Alarmed

I have always been a fan of Wilkes-Barre Mayor Tom Leighton. Hell, he is the only Mayor in the entire area that parties hearty with us common folk for St. Patrick's Day. Every year he comes to Senunas' to celebrate with us Irish. However, I was appalled to see that Mayor Tom and his right hand crony J.J. Murphy had alarm systems installed in their homes on the taxpayers dollar. WHAT! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! Both Leighton and Murphy claim that they had death threats which justified the installation of these systems. It was reported in The Times Leader that back in 2005 after several incidents were reported, city Chief of Police Gerard Dessoye recommended that the alarm systems be installed. The city paid for the installation along with monthly monitoring for both Tom and J.J.. The tab for this pilfering of the taxpayers dollar, more than $15,000! Oh, it gets better! J.J. Murphy moved back in 2007 and the city picked up the $6,500 tab to move the system and continue monitoring. In case your brain just exploded and you can't add up the total cost it is $21,500. A real kick in the family jewels to the taxpayers of Wilkes-Barre.

All of this was brought out in the open when Linda Urban, a nut case from Wilkes-Barre filed a complaint with District Judge Andy Barilla who then sent it over to the Luzerne County D.A. Jackie Musto Carroll who quickly pulled the Pontius Pilate routine and turned it over to the Attorney Generals office. This thing was like a hot potato in the hands of the local judicial system. No one wanted to deal with it so when in doubt turn it over to the Feds. In her complaint Urban accused Leighton of misappropriation of taxpayers funds, unlawful taking, illegal disposition of funds and criminal conspiracy to commit a crime of larceny. It accused Murphy of larceny, criminal conspiracy, illegal disposition of public funds and unlawful taking. All are serious crimes. After investigation, the A.G.'s office found that there were no crimes committed and no charges were filed. Of course, what more did we expect! When contacted Urban had no comment on the ruling. Hell, I would have gone ape shit on this one!

I have to tell you, this really ticks me off. The taxpayers of Wilkes-Barre took the shafter in the after for $21,500. What kind of systems did they put in for this kind of money? My guess would be top of the line, the most expensive taxpayer money can buy. No way should these guys have alarm systems put into their homes on the taxpayers wallet. If they had threats, then put the systems in on your buck, not mine! If you don't want to pay the money, then resign from office and the threats will stop. I am sick and tired of our politicians feasting from the smorgasbord of the taxpayers. They keep going back for plate after plate until they get their fill. I can't tell you how disappointed I am in Mayor Leighton. Come Sunday, March 18th when I see him over at Senunas', I will tell him he needs to buy me a beer to make up for my portion of that alarm system that I helped put in.

Coming up on the R2G. WVW wants to raise the school tax and my idea for tea bags and our governments at all levels.

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  1. He's buying a few beers for me as well.Maybe i'll get an alarm system and bill the someone else, just to see what happens