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Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Reader Responds About JoePa

A few weeks back we wrote about the death of former Penn State football coach Joe Paterno. Here is what one Griper wrote to us concerning this issue.

Don't get me wrong I respect and feel he was a great coach....But it appears to me we are now treating him like a saint!!!! He is getting more publicity than our soldiers when they come home in body bags. Come on, why must we say this guy could do no wrong, when in fact it appears that he did. Soon they will be asking the Catholic church to make him a saint! These people need to get on with their lives. I do not understand how he affected all these people with his coaching abilities. I can see how he did the players but not the spectators......Boo Boo The Clown

I could not agree more. My daughter spent one year in Iraq and only received accolades from family and friends when she arrived home. I was in the doctors office during the 2 1/2 hours of JoePa propaganda that was spewed during his funeral services and was forced to watch about 20 minutes of it. Finally a nurse came out and asked me if she could turn the channel. I quickly told her, "Yes, please get this mind numbing drivel off before I fill your wastepaper baskets full of puke! She laughed for about 38 seconds and said thank god, I was afraid you may have been a Penn State fan. Like me, her vomit reflex was tripping and it had to be stopped. Listen folks, did Big Nose Joe have a positive impact on some young men's lives? Yes he did, but so do many other football coaches at all levels across the country. This went way over the top! The bottom line is he may have had a positive impact on many peoples lives, but when it really counted, when a crime was committed he did what was required and no more. He fumbled at the goal line on 4th and inches with the game on the line. Does this make him a bad man? I would say no. It does make him part of the college football system where the gears are greased by nothing more that the almighty dollar. Even the great Joe Paterno could not escape the clutches of "The System".

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