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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Car Inspection Victims Chime In

The Inspection Gripe has hit a nerve or should I say a brake line with several of our Gripers. Here is how they responded.

The Washington Insider: Of all the gripes you have written of the years, this is by far a work art. Well written and captivating. Well done good sir, well done. You deserve a cold beer and some hall and oats.

Bob W: This is awesome, and so dam true. Its bad enough we get taken for brakes and rotors , but do they have to throw the " C ' word at us! Get your head out of the trash , I was talking about cash.... shhhhhh on this so we dont have to pay tax. (I thought the "C" word here is Caliper.)

Tim PA Juggallo: Jim I could feel myself being bent over just reading it. That is a TRUE horror story. Every year we put it off as long as we can here.

What inspection stories do you have? Send them over and I will post them on the R2G.

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