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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Hanging On To The Teat

Yesterday I flew into the rage of all rages. I went "ape" when I came to the realization that people do not want to work. There is a select group out there who have no desire to work but would rather latch onto the teat of the system to suckle it until it is dry. These lazy bastards turn down jobs because they rather collect unemployment from our already struggling government. Frankly, these bums make me sick! They make me want to puke out my innards and everything that was in them. I know you are probably wondering what sent me over the edge so I will tell you. A company that I am very familiar with had laid off two full time employees several months ago and is now willing to hire them back on a part time basis. The job pays $10.00 an hour plus a nice incentive package. One of those people jumped all over the opportunity while the other pondered for a few days to figure out if the job would interfere with their unemployment. The end result was they did not take the job for that reason. WHAT! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! You won't take the job because you rather sit home and suckle off the teat of the unemployment compensation system! It is an outrage! When I heard this, my blood pressure rose so high the top of my skull almost blew off. I had to be strapped down into my chair because I may have committed a homicide.

Once I calmed down, I started to think about this entire unemployment system. Back a few years ago, the government extended benefits to almost two years due to the dismal job market across the country. This was intended to help people out until they found work and to keep money in the already struggling economy. Now, I hear people saying, "I think I will take some time off and look for a job in about 6 months to a year because I can collect for a coons age". These dead beat bastards are latching onto the nipple of the system and not letting go. I also hear these parasites say, "I had a chance to take a few jobs, but they were not what I was really looking for". Not what you are looking for? Get your lazy ass off the sofa, put down the channel changer and get to work! When I hear this kind of stuff I want to grab these people by their throats and choke the last breath out of them. It simply drives me out of my cotton pickin' mind!

I always said if you give em an inch, they will take a mile or two years. The brain surgeons in government had good intentions, but failed to come down to the level of the masses when they made the extension decision. I would think that no one actually said, "Hey, don't you think that people will take advantage of this extension"? Hell no they didn't! The powers in the government are so removed from the general public that this may have never even crossed their minds. They probably had no inkling that there would be a core group of suckling hogs who would nuzzle up to one of the millions of compensation teats to feast on the free meal. I say lets start to turn these people in so they can be pried off the Nippleoons. I for one am sick and tired of my tax dollars being given to people who have no intention of looking for work. I think there should be a compensation "teat line" to call to turn these lazy bums in.

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  1. This kind of thing drives me nuts as well,not to mention the masses that could work and get the access card. Hell I'm looking for ground beef on sale and those lazy bastards, are buying lobsters,scallops and filet mignon!!!!