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Friday, March 23, 2012

Monkey Business From Griper's

It seems this Monkey Business in Ashley with my new jail mail pal Tyler is exploding. Several Gripers weighed in to respond with a variety of opinions. Here are a few of them.

Jackie G: I completely agree!! The poor guy should be back with his owner!!

Bob W aka The Nature Boy: Well I hate to disagree with you on this , but I must. This monkey may be tame and well kept, but it is kept without following the proper channels. Before you all get your, your so sorry for this monkeys ass in a bunch, just think about the what if's on this. For instance .....what if the monkey was carrying some kind of disease or other sickness. No get the monkey out of here. If he was so right having this monkey then why did very few know he had it. The son, well 1 word for him _____ .

I have to respond to my good friend "The Nature Boy" on this one. You know what happens when you go through proper channels. You get "SCREWED". I still say we need to spring him from the nature clink. On the lamb with Tyler. Sounds like the title of a great book.

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