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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Refuse Wranglers

I have been keeping my finger on the pulse of this story for some time now and it has finally come to a crescendo of GRIPE.  One of our top Gripers was at the Magistrate yesterday because he did not pay his yearly recycling and trash disposal fee.  He didn't pay the $175.00 bribe to the borough of West Wyoming because he simply did not have the cash to fork out at that time.  I can tell you that not many of us do.  With all of the taxes and fee's that our towns, county, state and country are whacking us with, its a miracle we actually have money to buy food.  Anyway, our friend of the R2G stood in front of the local jurist prudence yesterday to plead his case and to throw himself on the mercy of the court.  After a few minutes of magisterial banter, things started to come into perspective.

First off, all of this started when he received his customary recycling and garbage fee bill of $175.00 in the mail near the end of 2011.  $175.00, ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  Almost 2 C-Notes to get rid of your garbage?  This is preposterous!  Just sit down and think about this.  We all have to actually pay to get rid of our trash.  There is something very wrong with this.  This is one of the reasons people drive out to the woods to throw bags of garbage out their windows.  Who the hell can afford this crap!  Whatever happened to the old burning barrel in the back of the yard.  I'll tell you, gone, gone, gone and never coming back.  No one can tell me that our towns spend tons of money getting rid of trash and recyclables.  Hell, I thought recycling was supposed to make money for our communities.

As the months went by, the recycling and garbage fee became out of sight and out of mind.  He thought his wife paid it and she thought he paid it.  Before he knew it, a summons came in the mail to appear in front of the mostly unqualified magistrate because he had not paid his trash kick back.  On the summons it listed the fines and fees which totaled a whopping $672.00.  Yes, you read that right, $672.00.  This astronomical joke included a fine, restitution fee and court costs.  By the way, these bogus court costs were $55.00 alone.  What cost does the court have other than to stamp this thing when it is all said and done and filing it in a drawer some where.  When asked by the magistrate why he did not pay it he stated that he did not have the cash when it first came and then thought his wife had paid it.  The ruler of the commonwealth understood what had happened and asked if he could pay it right there.  He said he had already paid up and would have paid it earlier if he could have made payments.  The magistrate then looked at the Wyoming Borough representative and asked if there was a payment plan?  He said there was.  His honor asked our Griper if he knew there was a payment plan which was answered with a big NO!  The fact here is no one knows about the payment plan because it is not advertised as public knowledge.  You all know what I am thinking here!  You have to fork out $175.00 clams and no one knows there is a payment plan.  The magistrate shook his head and dismissed the case.

The bottom line here is we all have to pay big amounts of money just to have our trash hauled away.  Whether its $2.50 per bag or $175.00 per year, its a big joke.  I say bring back those burning barrels or simply just stop charging us!  I for one am sick and tired of all of the fee's and taxes that are constantly being levied against the people.  How about this novel idea.  Let's build a big incinerator plant to burn trash to make electricity.  Hell, they do it everywhere else in the world why not here.  If this happened we would not have to pay to have our trash carted away and our electricity might be cheaper.  Wait a minute, the powers to be would have to tax us to build the damn thing!


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