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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Those Rag Head Bastards

My morning started off today with a bang!  I flipped on my computer, brewed a pot of java and bellied up to the kitchen table to read the latest news.  What I discovered was a story that was so rotten, so low, so terrible that it sent me into a rage above all rages!  This story made me sick to my stomach and outraged at the same time.  As I read this story I yelled out loud, "The sick rag head terrorist bastards have hit an all time new low".  I yelled up to my wife, "Those sons of bitches, those f*#kin no good low life scum sucking camel jockeys"!  She came running down to see what was wrong only to find out that I was pacing the kitchen, trying not to grab a sharp knife so I could go out to find a towel head terrorist jerk weed to slice up!  When I told her what I had read, she bolted for the silver wear drawer only to find me there first looking for the biggest and sharpest knife I could find.  The story I am talking about pertains to the low life, four flushing sacks of shit terrorists planting bombs in live dogs. 

With security being strict at airports, these idiots have now devised a plan to get dogs on board with bombs stuffed into their stomachs.  Its not low enough to blow up buildings, cars and other forms of transportation to kill thousands of innocent people, now they have to use animals as the vehicle of their dirty work.  Two dogs were discovered in Baghdad airport before they were loaded onto two U.S. cargo planes which were getting ready to leave for the U.S..  The dogs were never loaded because they were found dead in their cages by freight handlers.  Post mortem examinations on the animals uncovered explosives and detonators set to go off several hours into the flight from the Iraqi capital to Los Angeles.  ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME!  These no good rotten sand diggers are now using helpless animals to blow up planes.  They make me sick.  What makes me even vomit more is we knew about this type of terrorism back in 2008 but never revealed it to the public.

It appears that since the invasion of Iraq, the dog population has skyrocketed to over 1 million.  Dogs were starting to roam in huge packs, attacking anything they could for food.  This fact got the pin headed terrorists thinking, "Hey, lets jam a bomb into a dogs stomach, set the timer and get it aboard a plane".  A few missing dogs won't be noticed.  Let me tell you something, don't mess with animals.  If you really want to piss off the American people, start screwing around killing animals.  We love our pets and would fight to the death to save them.  If these camel riding desert monkeys want to be on the back end of a really good ass whipping, just piss us off some more.  For one, I am sick and tired of reading this kind of crap!  Its time we all band together and either leave that god forsaken area of the world or buckle up and release the dogs of war.  I for one am in favor of "letting the dogs out".  Woof......Woof....... Woof, Woof!   

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  1. i could respond to this but i would probably be thrown in jail , so i will take it easy .... this sickens me to the max .... i need a new weapon,one that holds a lot of rounds and can change clips quickly , you know what for .... one thing i hope is that we as americans get as upset when our soldiers come home with body parts missing minds amess or in a casket .... youcan never change there way of living , they live to kill and are filled with a hatred we can never feel.