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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Sandusky Trial - Dottie Takes The Stand

The trial of Jerry "The Sandman" Sandusky continued today with Dottie Sandusky, wife of "The Sandman" taking the stand.  Dottie testified that her husband never had inappropriate contact with the boys who stayed at their home.  She said that their life has always been a busy one, with her husband’s coaching schedule and charity work. But when he was home, she said the boys from her husband’s charity would go with him to football games and then sleep over. Dottie Sandusky says she remembers most of the men who testified during the trial that Jerry Sandusky abused them. She said there was no inappropriate contact. She also said that the basement where the boys would stay wasn’t soundproof. That contradicts one man’s testimony that he screamed during an assault but couldn’t be heard.  The defense also put psychologist Elliot Atkins on the stand who testified that  he had diagnosed Sandusky with histrionic personality disorder after talking with the former Penn State assistant football coach for six hours.  People with the disorder often interact with people in inappropriately seductive ways and don’t feel comfortable unless they’re the center of attention, Atkins explained.  Historically more women are inflicted with this condition than men.  Also called to the stand were several more character witnesses who testified on the behalf of "The Sandman".

Defense Attorney Joe Amendola grilled two state police investigators who interviewed the alleged victims.  He questioned the investigators about what details they shared during those interviews, in particular with Victim 4.  Amendola asked retired Cpl. Joseph Leiter if investigators told interviewees about others who had stepped forward.  “In some of our interviews ... we did tell them,” he said.  Asked why, Leiter said it was to let possible victims know they were not alone.  “Each of these accusers was very, very seriously injured, and very concerned, and we had told them — especially prior to going to the grand jury — that they wouldn’t be alone, that there were others,” Leiter said.  He also said that did not include sharing individual accusers’ recollections of abuse, such as specific sex acts.  “We never told them what anyone else had ever told us,” he said.  But Amendola later read Leiter portions of an interview transcript in which the investigator told the accuser that others had reported abuse that progressed to oral sex and rape.  Victim 4, now 28, testified last week that Sandusky sexually abused him in the locker-room showers and in hotels for five years while trying to ensure his silence with gifts and trips to bowl games.  On the stand, he admitted that he lied to police and his own lawyer about the alleged abuse, saying he had “denied it forever.” But he testified calmly and firmly, saying Sandusky performed oral sex on him and sent him “creepy love letters.”  The man’s attorney, Ben Andreozzi, also was called to the stand and asked about a discussion he had with investigators during a break in an interview with his client.  On a difficult-to-hear recording of the discussion, Andreozzi and Leiter can be heard talking about the investigation while the accuser is out of the room.  Andreozzi acknowledged to jurors that a guilty verdict in Sandusky’s trial could have an impact on his client if he files a civil lawsuit, but he told the court that hadn’t been decided yet.  Andreozzi also denied coaching his client on what to say to investigators.

The defense appeared to catch one of the investigators in a lie after recalling him to the stand.  Trooper Scott Rossman said that he hadn’t spoken to Leiter about their testimony after he first left the stand Tuesday, but Leiter said they had talked about it.  Meanwhile, another witness told jurors she knew Victim 4 through her brother and that he had a reputation for “dishonesty and embellished stories.” The woman, who said her brother was the alleged victim’s best friend, is an Iraq war veteran who suffered a brain injury before she was discharged.  The defense also called former New York Jets linebacker Lance Mehl, who played for the Nittany Lions in the 1970s.  “We all looked up to him as a class act,” Mehl said when Amendola asked him about Sandusky’s reputation.  Earlier Tuesday, Amendola told reporters to “stay tuned” to find out if Sandusky would take the stand himself, comparing the case to a soap opera. Asked which soap opera, defense attorney Joe Amendola initially said “General Hospital,” then “All My Children.”

From my perspective, the defense team is doing a good job with placing a reasonable doubt into the minds of the jurors.  Their strategy is to discredit the witnesses for the prosecution while building up the public perception of "The Sandman".  I find it amusing that all of a sudden Sandusky has been diagnosed with a condition that makes him act like a sexual predator.  The medical staff here at the R2G thinks that this is a bunch of hogwash.  Of course our staff has not been able to examine "The Sandman".  Their quick visual inspection says, "No way Jose'"!  After the 2nd day of defense testimony, I think this thing is up in the air.  Right now it looks like 50/50.  Lets see if "The Sandman" himself takes the stand this week.  It should be interesting!  I will give you my prediction on the verdict when both the jury goes into deliberations.    


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  1. Here are a few responses from our Gripers via Facebook.

    Tim Pa Juggalo: Its disgusting Jim. I can't even read details without feeling sick.

    Cheri Sundra: I can't even listen to it....it's sooooo sickening!

    Bob W. AKA The Nature Boy: I agree Cheri , it's sickens me to the core