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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Sandusky Trial - GUILTY!

After about 21 hours of deliberation, the jury in the Jerry "The Sandman" Sandusky trial brought back a verdict.  The words guilty were uttered by the jury foreman 45 times as "The Sandman" watched in horror. 
Guilty of involuntary deviate sexual intercourse. Guilty of indecent assault. Guilty of endangering the welfare of children.  Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.  There were only 3 counts that he slithered out of and as the jury foreman belted out the not guilty verdicts it seemed as if disgust filled his voice.  Once the 48 verdicts were rendered, Judge John Cleland said "Mr. Sandusky, you have been found guilty by a jury of your peers."  Scumdusky stood there motionless with the old deer in the headlights look as the truth was driven home with the slamming of the judges gavel.  His left hand was placed casually in his pocket while behind him his wife, Dottie, three adopted sons and an adopted daughter either shook their heads at the jury or openly wept.  Moments later, Sandusky gave a quick wave to his family as he was led out by sheriff's deputies. Judge Cleland will formally sentence him in about 90 days.  The maximum "The Sandman" could spend in prison would be 442 years, almost 7 lifetimes of the average human being.  Sandusky will be held at the local jail until he can be evaluated by the state prison system and assigned accordingly. He is expected to wind up in protective custody, away from the general population, for his own protection. That likely means 23 hours a day in a 6-by-8-foot cell. In other words, a concrete box of hell.

"He was prepared to go to jail tonight," Amendola said. "Mentally prepared. He's not scared. I think given the circumstances of the case and how the trial was going, he knew this was coming.  "This is not a surprise. This is what everyone expected."  Amendola said Sandusky's one regret was not being able to "tell his story" from the witness stand. His 33-year-old adoptive son, Matt, determined during the trial that Jerry abused him as a child. He made himself available as a prosecution witness. Matt couldn't be called, however, unless the state had introduced the incidents on a cross-examination of Jerry Sandusky. It was too much for the defense to risk.  "Even though Jerry, Dottie and the other kids deny Matt's allegation, it would've been explosive," Amendola said. "There was no way Jerry could testify without Matt being called."  When it was finally over, they walked Scumdusky out the back door of the courthouse and to a waiting sheriff's vehicle, just 50 yards downhill from where they used to hang criminals in the courtyard of the old county jail.  Back then they'd invite as many people as they could fit to ring the gallows and bear witness. Those that couldn't gain admission would climb the roofs of local houses to watch the execution from high above in this old tightly packed, Victorian downtown.  That was the 1800s, but things haven't changed so much; just five miles from here, at the Rockview prison, is the state's execution chamber. And in Bellefonte tradition, a crowd gathered to jeer and scream Friday night behind the courthouse, to let their venom ring around Sandusky's head for eternity.  Happy Valley, indeed.

Now that the verdict is in just let me say I came up short on the total number of guilty verdicts which were rendered.  The jury of "The Sandmans" peers threw the book or should I say the entire series of books at him for what he did.  Guilty. Guilty. Guilty.  It rang out 45 times!  This scum sucking sexual predator was not only guilty of what I described above, he was also guilty of terrorizing the poorest and most vulnerable of that area's youth. Guilty of abusing his fame as a former Penn State defensive coordinator. Guilty of conducting a charade of charitable work to supposedly help children.  He was Guilty of the worst possible deception against humanity.  To sum it up, this low life, fore flushing sack of shit lured in helpless children so he could force his sexual will on them by using the aura of his position at Penn State.  He deceived these children, deceived his family, deceived his friends, deceived his co-workers and deceived the university.  In no more than 90 days, his sentence will be handed down which will put this "bad man" in prison for the rest of his life.  Finally, the trial is over.  Some say it is closure for the victims.  I say there will never be closure.  The horror's will satin the lives of his victims, their families and the community forever.

Tomorrow, I will give my take on what should be next in Happless Valley! 


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