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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Smith Debate

There seems to be a debate going on right now concerning White Supremest, skinhead, Nazi Steve Smith. This debate has carried over to radio talk shows and water coolers all over town.  Some people have contacted the R2G to say that I was incorrect with my noting that Smith was elected to the Republican Committee with one write-in-vote, his own.  It appears that information is floating out there stating that he actually had three write-in-votes.  It is now time to put this debate to rest once and for all.  I just went to the Luzerne County Board of Elections returns which are posted on their web site  and came up the official results.


Steve Smith was elected to the Republican County Committee in the 4th Ward of Pittston City with a total of 1 write in vote.  It was incorrectly reported by several sources that he received a whopping three votes.  This is official, right from Luzerne County itself.  The fact is that 2 people are elected from the 4th Ward in Pittston where Smith was victorious along with George C. Carmean who received 2 write-in-votes.  No one was actually named on the ballot for this post.  It appears that being elected to this position with 5 votes or less is very common.  If you look over the many voting wards in Luzerne County you will find that many people were elected to the Republican County Committee with 5 votes or less.  This means that any schlep rock can get elected in Luzerne County and believe me they do!

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