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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ca-No Royal Treatment

On Monday night, Kansas City Royals fans showed us just how frustrated they are.  During the Home Run Derby, they booed Yankee's 2nd baseman and American League HR Derby Captain Robinson Cano because he did not pick Royal Billy Butler to participate in the event.  It was upsetting to see and hear the folks from KC boo who may be the best 2nd baseman in the game just because he omitted Butler from the lineup.  They also cheered when Cano would get an out during the contest which highly upset his father who was pitching to him for the second straight year.  Frankly, Billy Boo Butler didn't belong in the contest.  As of the All Star break, Butler has hit 16 home runs compared to Cano's picks of Jose Batista (27 HR's), Mark Trumbo (22 HR's) and Price Fielder (15 HR's).  In fact Cano himself, last years Home Run Derby Champ has hit 20 so far this year.  You may be able to make a case for Butler instead of Fielder, but it won't stand up since Price won the event.  Cano picked a team that he thought had a chance to win the whole thing and Butler did not fit into the mix.  In fact, Cano's three picks finished 1, 2 and 3 in the Derby.  It appears that he chose wisely.

I think one of the major issues here is that fans of the KC Royals are just totally frustrated with their franchise.  The Royals just plain SUCK!  Since the last time they won the World Series in 1985, the Royals overall record has been 1907 wins and 2400 losses.  Between 2002 and 2006, they lost 489 games and had an average winning percentage of only .396.  They have been the door mat of the American League for many years now and their fans cannot take much more.  In fact, the KC fans hate the Yankees and Robinson Cano was the lightning rod for their venom.  Back in the late 70's and early 80's, the Evil Empire knocked the Royals out of the playoffs numerous times.  During the same span of time that the Royals were losing at an incredible clip, the Yankees had 2495 wins and lost 1890.  A total opposite image of the hapless Royals.

What really bothered me the most about the Home Run Derby was that Billy Butler, who was on the field, never stood up to ask the fans to stop booing.  A true class act would have gotten up and gestured for the fans to stop.  For this one day, he and Cano were teammates with a common goal, to defeat the National League.  This alone showed that Billy Bob Butler is a gutless sack of crap, another reason he did not belong in the HR Derby.  I would suspect that this show of low brow fan mentality will not go unnoticed by the Yankees and their fans when they play the Royals in the future.  As we all know, New York fans can show a lowness of class lower than anyone else.  My guess will be that they will boo Billy Butler and chant ROB-IN-SON.                 

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