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Friday, July 20, 2012

Penn State - Paterno Racking Up Losses

In life, Joe "Big Nose" Paterno won more football games than any other coach in NCAA college football history.  He built a historic football program at Penn state University built on hard work, loyalty and honor.  He always made sure 85% or more of his players graduated and earned a college degree.  Over his many years, he placed a boat load of players in the NFL who went on to have long careers.  During his life, JoePa racked up a boat load of wins in more than just football.  However, since his death, "Big Nose" Joe has been on the losing end of almost everything his name is connected with.  Since his death from lung cancer he has racked up more losses than he had in his final season coaching the Nittany Lions football team.

It appears now that many of the organizations that had the Paterno name attached to them are rushing the QB to sack his name.  Paternoville, a tent city outside Beaver Stadium where students camp out for prime football tickets, was scrapped this week in favor of Nittanyville.  Nike took Paterno's name off a child care center on its corporate campus the day the Freeh report was released.  The halo that had floated above Paterno's head in a State College mural was also removed by the artist, who added a blue ribbon in support of child abuse awareness.  This is just a start to what may be a losing season for the former coach.  Still to come are match ups with the Board of Trustees concerning the statue, the Paterno name on the library and the ruling of the NCAA.  It looks like it will be a rebuilding decade for the PSU football program.

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