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Friday, July 20, 2012

Penn State - Should It Stay Or Should It Go

Statue of Joe Paterno
The talk around town these days always seems to gravitate to the statue of Joe "Big Nose" Paterno.  Should it stay or should it go you may be asked?  Of course everyone has their opinion and the people of NEPA are not afraid to give theirs.  The die hard fans of Penn State say keep it up along with a We Are Penn State chant while Nittany Lion haters are quick to say rip it down.  So what will officials out in Beaver County do about this statue?  For now, the PSU Board of Trustees have voted to keep the statue right where it is for now, but may vote again next week on it's final fate.  Students at PSU say they will defend the statue to the end.  Even the sculptor has weighed in with his opinion.  Angelo Di Maria, the creator of the 9,000 pound life size statue of JoePa thinks that everyone should wait to see what everyone thinks 6 months to a year from now.  "All the focus is on the statue right now, but horrible crimes were committed," Di Maria said. "Let's move on away from Joe Paterno. He's gone, he's passed on."  The fact is the Penn State Board Of Trustees has a big decision to make and no matter how they vote, it is going to anger a very large group of people.
The Opinion Of R2G
 So, what should they do with the statue of Joe "Big Nose" Paterno?  Well I for one say rip that piece of junk right out of the ground and haul it to the nearest dump.  Every time I see a picture of "Big Nose" Joe and those ugly glasses I think of Jerry Scumdusky and his back door antics around the campus.  I think of how Paterno knew about what was going on and hid the facts from the authorities which allowed more children to be molested.  I see JoePa holding up that number one sign which to me now represents the start of his counting the victims of "The Sandman".  I see "Big Nose" saying I'm number one and no one can touch me.  I rule this program and what I say goes here in Beaver Valley.  I see a man that over a span of many years did some wonderful things for the students and the university, but fumbled the football of life when it counted the most.  In my opinion, the university will remove the statue from in front of the football stadium and relocate it to another spot on campus.  I just can't fathom them leaving it right where it pollutes the public now.   

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