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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Gripe Shots

For some apparent reason I woke up this morning (Saturday) at 5:45 am and could not fall back asleep.  Here it is a Saturday morning and I really don't have to arise at any specific time like during the work week.  Doesn't it figure?  Of course it does!  I don't have to get up, but I do!  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  Instead of being deep into a dreamland coma, I laid there thinking about all of the crap that I encountered pover this past week.  All of this thinking led me to grab a stool and belly up to the bar of Gripe.  What'll you have asked the Gripe-tender.  I will have a few shots, a few shots of Gripe.  Belly up people, it's time to light them up and slam down a few Gripe Shots.

Well, Luzerne County screwed up again.  The nimrods over inside the slob-ma-hall on River Street sent a jury duty summons to a 12 year old boy.  Swoyersville resident Connor Smith received the summons in the mail the other day which he opened in excitement.  He thought maybe he would be assigned to the high profile Hugo Seilinski trial, which may last several weeks.  The R2G will be all over this circus with daily updates.  Of course, you must be at least 18 years old to serve on a jury which means Smith will have to start school on time.  Don Tedesco, jury supervisor said that there was a glitch in the data supplied by the state.  Sure, blame the state.  He also stated that the county does not have filters to weed out the juveniles.  That does not surprise me since all of their "filters" are being used to siphon money from "We The People" and into their pockets.

Shame on The Times Leader!  Who in the hell decided to write a story about that idiot Bob Kadluboski?  To top it off they put it on the front page!  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  This guy is a total buffoon, a moron, a knucklehead and a goof all wrapped up in a total package of idiot-ism.  In case you have been sleeping under a rock for the past 10 years, Kadluboski is the owner of City Wide Towing and a self proclaimed pistol packing avenger.  He rides around the city all day with his 1970's sunglasses on looking to thwart crime at every turn.  He also shows up a city meetings to harass Mayor Leighton and the WB Council members.  He has a beef with everything.  I guess you have to be a total stooge or a murderer to make the front page.

We are one week into the Summer Olympic Games from London and already I can't take anymore.  During their prime time coverage, NBC has blown our skulls wide open with way too many commercials.  They show an event and then 6 commercials.  Another event and then more commercials.  A human interest piece and then a bevy of commercials.  There are more commercials being shown then actual Olympic events.  In fact, the total length of the commercials is actually longer than many of the events especially the swimming events.  I know NBC paid a boat load of money to televise these games, but c'mon you are killing our brain matter with all of these commercials.  If

Finally, the family of former Penn State head football coach "Big Nose" Joe Paterno plans on appealing the sanctions that the NCAA imposed on the school and it's football program.  Wick Sollers, attorney for Paterno's family, said the sanctions caused "enormous damage" to Penn State, students, athletes and Paterno.  Of coursed they did you morons!  They were meant to cause damage due to the cover up of Jerry Scumdusky back dooring young boys in the shower rooms.  The Paterno family needs to just SHUT THE HELL UP AND GO AWAY!  First off, the sanctions are not up for appeal according to NCAA Spokesman Bob Williams.  Second, if Penn State did not comply with the sanctions, they would have been dealt the "Death Penalty" for 4 years.  This option would have doomed their football program for many, many years.  What doesn't the Paterno family get?  They are trying to hang on to a legacy that has been blown apart by a scandal of epic proportions.  "Big Nose" Paterno has been cast from his throne on Mount Nittany and tossed into the abyss of shame.  The Paterno family needs to come to grips with the facts that the PSU carnival ride has come to a stop.  At this point they need to just close their shades, lock the doors and hide in shame.

There you have it, an entire sampler of Gripe.  It's not as tasty as the Saki sampler out at Asaki in Dallas but oh so good.               .

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