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Monday, August 20, 2012

Illegal Aliens

This morning I was sifting through Facebook and noticed one of our Gripers Phil S. posed a question which brought a bucket full of responses.  I thought, "Hey, let's throw this up on the R2G to see what happens.  The question was a simple one.  Should illegal aliens get or have the same rights and benefits as legal U.S. citizens?  Most people responded with no, they should not.  They stated that they are "illegal" and deserve nothing.  However there was one guy who responded with the illegals are performing the low end jobs that U.S. citizens don't want.  He went on to wonder if any economic studies have been done to see if the illegals take a lower wage will the cost of the work or the products that they produce be passed on to the consumer at a lower rate?  As the debate raged on, I sat back and wondered what I actually think of this topic.  Well, it didn't take very long for me to make up my ind.

In my opinion illegal aliens should get no benefits, period.  No unemployment compensation, no workman's compensation and no welfare.  As for rights, they are human beings and they should have the rights of any air breathing hominid.  I can tell you, there are illegal aliens out there actually collecting workman's comp for getting injured on the job.  Yes, it's true and our wonderful legal system has approved it.  Can you believe it!  A Nebraska Appeals Court late last year decided that an illegal alien who was hurt while working in a meat plant should get workers' compensation benefits, according to an article in the Lincoln Journal Star.  The worker, Odilon Visoso, who used the name Adam Rodriguez, had the misfortune of having a "100-pound slab of meat fall from a hook and hit the back of his head, neck and shoulder," according to the Journal Star. Later the company fired him for being an illegal alien, but the workers‘ comp case remained alive and well even after he was fired.  Visoso's lawyer, Ryan Holsten, was the one who raised the key public policy issue as he argued for his client. He said that disqualifying illegal immigrants from these benefits would encourage employers to hire more illegal aliens, because it would reduce their insurance costs if no benefits were paid to injured illegals. The judge agreed.  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  The judge agreed.

Believe it or not, employers are legally responsible to pay Social Security and unemployment insurance charges for illegal aliens.  The law states that if these benefits are paid by the employer, the illegal alien worker is entitled to use them.  Now lets come back from Uranus and land back here on Earth.  No employer who hires illegal aliens is paying these benefits.  They are paying these people to work like dogs at below minimum wage.  They pay less wages and pocket the extra profits for themselves.  What it comes down to is these greedy bastards are hiring these people so they can make more money.  I think any company that employ's illegal aliens should be shut down and fined out the ying yang.  The hiring of illegal aliens is one of the reasons unemployment across the nation has skyrocketed.  I say if you want to come to America, do it the right way like many of our grandparents did.  Also, if you come to this country, learn to speak English.  I am sick and tired of seeing everything in other languages like Spanish.  If you are here illegally and you refuse to learn English, GET THE HELL OUT!  What do you think?      


  1. I agree with much of what you wrote, but at the end, you need to be a little clear on facts. The time of many of our grandparents, coming to the U.S. was as simple as going through Elis Island. There were no passports, visas or sponsors required. What many claim was the right way wasn't really what people think it was.

    As far as speaking English. The United States has two states where English is not the native language, plus many territories and of course Nordeast Pennsylvania. These people ARE citizens of the United States. So, do we simply ignore their heritage and/or needs?

    Additionally, the press 1, 2, or 3 or literature in other languages is simply smart business. Why should any business owner limit their potential customers to those who only speak English. Are you that fat and lazy you can't press 1?

    Larger cities are tourist attractions, even the Poconos get international travelers.

  2. Tim PaJuggalo here

    Jim it does piss me off that I work my ass off all day every day trying to make money knowing that there is always a possibility I could get replaced just because some illegal might come along and want to do the job for less money. And all these greedy corporate heads don't care about loyalty or anything. All they care about is money. My 2 cents on the matter.