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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Replacement Refs (After further review....)

For some time now I have debated on giving up on watching NFL games.  Over the past few years the games have become one dimensional, convoluted and down right boring.  Compared to a college football game they just don't stack up.  However, the lure of the Sunday football game keeps dragging me back in like the call of the sirens.  Every Sunday something happens and I get out my bible to swear that I will not watch next week.  Of course, I perjure myself the following weekend by clicking on one of the lame games that I am socked with.  Living in Northeast Pa., I am relegated by law to watch either the Eagles, Steelers, Giants or Jets.  None really float my boat and in fact, I loath the Eagles and the Steelers.  I can tolerate the Jets and the Giants, but would prefer to watch a good match up instead.  Whoever came up with regional coverage should be strung up by the neck until they are dead.  They assume that everyone in Pennsylvania likes the Eagles or the Steelers.  Well, they don't!  By the way, I refuse to pay a boat load of cash on the NFL package because in my opinion it's not worth it.  I rather watch golf or NASCAR for free than pay to watch an NFL game on TV.  This is another of the many reasons that I have tried to stray away from the NFL pack.

Speaking of The PAck, last night, if you didn't see it, the Packers lost to the Seattle Seahawks with no time remaining on the clock on a play that will be dissected and analyzed for weeks to come. Seattle QB, Russell Wilson threw a hail Mary pass to the end zone which appeared to be intercepted by Green Bay's M.D. Jennings.  The INT would have secured a hard fought win for The Pack.  However, as Jennings came down with the ball, Seattle receiver Golden Tate reached around and got one hand on the ball as both men fell to the ground.  The refs ran in, one called an interception for a touch back and the other called a touchdown for Seattle.  After a short conference, the refs called it a touchdown.  Of course bedlam breaks loose and the zebra's go to the replay.  After further review the play on the field stands, touchdown Seattle and that quick they win the game.  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  What replay were these guys looking at?  Did someone throw in an altered video because it seemed pretty clear to me and most of the country that it was an interception.  Even John Gruden could not believe that they called it a touchdown.  This  unfathomable call was made by replacement refs who have made a joke out of the games this year.

Every week the lure of the NFL calls me in and I watch a game or two or three.  So far this year I have shaken my head in disbelief so many times due to poor officiating that my neck had to be put in traction.  My chiropractor is getting a new BMW on me.  Just when I thought the officiating could not get any worse, a call like last nights happens.  This insane call even after a review may be the last straw.  The games have become such a joke, people may now watch just to get a laugh.  These poor bastards that are taking the place of the greedy sons of bitches who normally ref the games are out of their league.  By the way, the regular officials are not on the job because the NFL will not give them a pension.  That is one of the sticking points in their contract negotiations.  Unions, greedy moth eating sons of bitches.  In fact, last night a biddy football ref may have been able to do a better job.  There was more laundry thrown on the field last night I thought I was at the laundromat.  I kept digging in my pockets for quarters.  I understand that the game of football is so fast and so physical and that alone makes it very difficult to officiate.  However, it drives me crazy when they go to a video replay and STILL get it wrong.  I just don't get it!  They have 17 different angles, super slow-mo and freeze frame capabilities and they STILL get it wrong.  How does this happen?  My opinion is last night they knew that an interception was the correct call but they feared for their lives.  They wanted to get the hell outta dodge in one piece.  If they overturned the bogus call on the field they may have not made it off the field.  Anyway, I have now placed my hand on the bible once again to swear off the NFL.  We will see if the lure of the pro football sirens calls me back in this weekend.  After further review, stick a fork in me, I am well done.    

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