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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bullying - A Griper Punches In

One of our top notch Gripers, Tim "Pa Juggalo" sent me over this story and I had to put it up.  It seems that the hot topic around the country is Bullying and this story will make you want to punch somebody.  Here is what Tim sent over.

This morning I sat own on my computer to catch up on sports stories from across the country. I'm a sucker for the Prep Rally sports blog on Yahoo! because you can usually find a bunch of great stories about kids doing amazing feats or catch up on the next big prospect coming your way. But this morning I was drinking my tea and nearly choked on it when I came across this!

Coach Tom Mihalovich of Lincoln High School in Des Moines Iowa has been accused of violating school bullying and corporal punishment policies at the school he coaches. Well, that's a serious offense! What did he do to the kid? Tie him to the goal posts and have the quarterbacks throw the football at his nuts? Have him stand still while all the starving linemen took their best shot at him while he was wearing no pads? Be forced to practice with no helmet? NO! Its much much worse than that! He made him run wind sprints and laps!

WAIT WHAT? That's it? THAT'S WHY HE IS BEING ACCUSED OF BULLYING AND CORPORAL PUNISHMENT? Well hold on here there must be some back story. Maybe the coach just didn't like the kid and was doing it as a hate crime or something. Nope! The kid was being a jackass and talking, while at practice with coach talking no less, about how much his varsity football team sucked. Way to show team spirit there kid! Hell when I was in MINI football if some one made negative comments about our team guess who was the next runner in running back drills with everyone gunning to show that player how much they "sucked". And did anything ever happen to the coach? HELL NO! The parents of the kid who talked out would say "Good for you you deserved it! Show some team spirit"

This is ridiculous anymore. The wussification of our children sickens me any more. Parents every where throw a fit and file lawsuits against everything if their little babies aren't given everything on a silver platter. THE KID IS IN HIGH SCHOOL! That means he is at the VERY least 14 years old. Detach him from your nipple already. ITS FOOTBALL. Stop making our children weaker and weaker by coddling them every step of the way because once they get in the real world the first time they complain something isn't fair no one is going to hold their hands and say "It's OK." They are going to laugh at him and say get a life and get back to work slacker.

I know this is going to piss you off just as much if not more than it did myself so I had to share it. Hopefully you can put it up on the R2G so we can all collectively vomit together at how some day children won't even be allowed to play sports any more because people will fear lawsuits against them for making their kids run.


Tim, I just dumped my entire breakfast all over the kitchen table.  You are so correct when you say that we are making our kids into a bunch of pansies.  I also remember playing football and having the coach grab my face-mask, twist my head and scream in my face while spitting angry saliva all over me for missing a tackle.  I also remember doing sprints because some pin head would screw up over and over and over again.  It's time people wake the hell up and stop blowing things way out of proportion.  This is in NO WAY a case of bullying.  If this ever gets to court that judge should climb down from his chair, rip off his robe and kick the crap out of these parents.    

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