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Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Guest Gripe - Those Cheap Casino Bastards

I recently received a Gripe from one of our readers which I wanted to pass everyone's way.  This one came in from Tracy A. from the Back Mountain.

I'm pissed and I need all of you griper's opinion. Here's the situation. Let me know what you think. My husband has a PT job at the casino.  It's his second job and he works harder than anyone I know, which is besides the point, but, anyway, they had a holiday party for their employees last Sunday. So we decided to go since Sunday is the only day we both have off from work. The party was down on the track, outside, in the rain...no tent...did they really expect everyone to sit on the wet chairs while eating in the darkness and rain? And on the menu was hot dogs and nachos with chili or cheese...btw, the banquet room was not being used that night. Are you freakin kidding me? WTF!!!!! We left immediately and went to Bar Louies instead. Was that the whole idea? OR are they really that cheap, or just a bunch of morons. Whom ever organized that event should be embarressed..shame on you.

Tracy, I could not agree more.  The Mohegan Sun Casino rakes in more money than the country of Denmark and they throw a totally lame holiday party for their hard working employees.  This makes me sick to my stomach!  Someone should have led the workers in revolt and broke into the money room to take a holiday bonus.


  1. Well Tracy can't blame you for bailing out . The masses are idiots and the mahegan sun just moved to the top of the list ... Til someone replaces them

  2. That should be "Whoever." Even if your reader were using whom correctly, it would still be compound: whomever.

  3. My company makes an ass load of money. No party. No bonus. Not even a "thank you" e-mail. I'd be happy with a dog and nachos.

  4. I see we have an English major in our midst.