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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gripe Shots

It's been some time since I posted some Gripes here on the R2G.  It's not that I don't have any, it's just a busy time of the season for Griping.  However, after reading the paper and watching the news all week, I am ready to explode.  The Gripe has built up to an apocalyptic level and I am ready to let loose.  When this happens you all know what it means.  No, I did not go out to rob a bank, shoot an idiot motorist or blow up a government building.  Instead I pulled up a stool, summoned the Gripe-tender and had him pour me a few Gripe Shots.

1.  I am sick and tired of all this talk about the SEC Conference when it comes to college football.  Notre Dame has an undefeated season and will play in the National Championship but the so-called experts already have them losing the game to either Alabama or Georgia.  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  What makes these bozo's so confident that the winner of the SEC championship game will be the National Champion.  According to MY scientific college football poll, Notre Dame is 1st, Alabama is 4th and Georgia is 9th.  I have Stanford at 2, Oregon at 3 and Kansas St rounding out the top 5.  You may think I'm crazy, but the numbers don't lie and the Pollsters do.  I say bring on Alabama and we will see.  I hope Notre Dame wins the game on January 7th so all of these clowns can eat crow.

2.  Everyone has their panties in a bunch with all of the layoffs that Mayor Leighton has put into his 2013 budget.  The city will layoff 11 firefighters and 4 DPW employees to help shave over $2 million dollars of expense from their budget.  Now first off let me just say this.  I don't ever want to see people lose their jobs especially at this time of year.  However, it appears that the city has been overstaffed for several years which along with idiotic spending has created a deficit for the city.  It appears that the city has been working with 16 to 17 firefighters on duty per shift with the minimum being 11 per shift.  They will continue to staff all three fire stations 24 hours per day with 12 to 13 firefighters per shift which is above the minimum.  Now call me cynical but welcome to the real world.  Many if not all businesses are laying people off and working with smaller staffing.  Again, I don't want to see anybody lose their job, but it is time for cities and towns to make some difficult decisions.

3.  Several weeks ago, New Jersey and New York were devastated by Superstorm Sandy.  Many homes were destroyed and people were without water and heat for many weeks.  It was a once in a lifetime Superstorm which left people in dire need of help.  Help, something our federal government is good at.  We helped countries like Haiti, Chile and Japan when earthquakes and tsunami's hit them hard over the past few years.  What I want to know is who has helped the U.S. and the people along the Atlantic coast?  The answer:  NOBODY I KNOW OF!  We are always the first bleeding heart country to open up our empty pocketbooks to toss relief to those in need.  Now we could use a little help and the rest of the world has not ponied up to help.  To them I say, "Go to hell you filthy bastards"!  Next time somebody needs help we should tell them to go somewhere else.  The American well of charity is dry.

4.  One last Gripe.  Merry Christmas to Mayor Leighton and the City of Wilkes-Barre.  The lunk heads in city hall decided to kill the free holiday parking on the meters around town along with raising the rates.  Great move Ex Lax.  Let's bend over GQ public one more time to jam it in our cans.  I know the city is in dire straights financially, but c;mon don't bang the people again.  I know that I will not shop in downtown WB this Christmas.  Why should I pump my hard earned money into a filthy meter when I can park for free at the Mall or the Arena Hub.

There you have it, I feel better now that I have slammed down a few Gripe Shots.  Coming up over the next few weeks, we will throw down some Holiday Gripe.            


  1. Alabama lost before the Ducks and K State. It's a pecking order..... Park at Boscov's

  2. I don't know who you've been talking to, but they are wrong about the FD.
    I'll use yesterday as an example, to have the 11 per shift, there was an overtime for both day shift and night shift. Also the Duty Chief for one group (there are 4 groups) has said there will be 26 overtimes (on his group alone!) to the end of the year, WITHOUT anyone off injured or personal time. He has cut WAY to far! So HOW is Leighton saving money? He's NOT! So what is his real plan?
    Remember the FD is the ONLY union that has worked with the city to save money. And we have been ridiculed by the other unions for it, Yet who does Leighton threat like a baby treats a diaper?