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Saturday, January 26, 2013

A Slap To America's Face

A good friend of mine and a very good Griper sent over the picture to the left along with a Gripe that I just had to post.  If this doesn't anger you, nothing will....

Calling ALL Patriotic Americans...I stumbled across this REPULSIVE pic yesterday nite & was OUTRAGED!  I'm ACRIMONIOUS, I'm INCENSED & I WANT it REMOVED IMMEDIATELY!  Please chime in on this DESPICABLE DESECRATION of Lady Liberty!  Tell facebook that we're MAD as HELL,we're NOT gonna STAND 4 it & we want it taken DOWN...the DEFENSE rests!

This picture was posted on Facebook by a woman in one of the Scandinavian countries.  This really offended him so he replied to this woman that he would like to to take it down.  Of course she would not so here we are.  All I have to say is, WHAT! WHAT!  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  This picture of lady liberty wearing a niqab and holding the Koran makes me wanna puke.  The niqab is worn by Arab women in the Muslim world to hide their faces in public especially in the presence of men.  This pin headed woman who posted this picture should get on her knees and pray to Lady Liberty because the US of A bailed out Europe in World War II.  If it wasn't for us, this bimbo would be under Nazi rule and most likely would not be able to access the Internet.  Now I know some of you might say, "People have the right to post whatever they want on FB".  Well, maybe they do.  However, all of us that are offended by this slanderous mockery of Lady Liberty also have the right to complain to Facebook.  This picture is offensive to me and should be offensive to all Americans across our great nation.  If you are on Facebook, drop them a line to protest this picture.  Tell them that this disgraceful picture is an insult to all Americans and it will not be tolerated.             

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  1. Tim PaJuggalo here. Unfortunately nothing can be done about making her take it down. She has that right. HOWEVER!!!! There is nothing that says she couldn't have a picture posted to her wall showing her prophet bowing to Jesus or her world leaders bowing down to us. All is fair in love and war right? If someone is going to go on and insist "It is might right to do this since it isn't hurting anyone" we have the right to do the same damn things back!