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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Luzerne Ticket Caper - Update

I got this in from Tim "PA Juggalo" as an update to his parking ticket.  You are going to love this!

I just got back from paying my fine (9am-4pm Mon-Friday) is what the sign says. I get there at like 930ish and ring the bell and a cop asks how they can help me. I tell them I have to pay my fine (wanted to say bullshit fine but I kept my tongue) She tells me I can't yet because the clerk isn't here yet because her child missed the bus and had to bring them to school and is late. Ok why can't you pay it? I ask her. She's a cop so she's not allowed to handle the money transactions. It was a 15$ fine and I paid with a 20. I think she just couldn't do the math. So I noticed as I was pulling up a few cars all parked with the same violation I got ticketed for right on the street outside the building. (I think 2 in total) After she finally lets me in the building (begrudgingly of course) I point this out to her and I notice the look in her eyes of more money! So she opens the door and looks and you could feel her demeanor change. Now where the Police building is there are only 4 parking lot parking spots and that is shared with the borough building as well so a bunch of them have to park on the streets as well. She comes back in a few seconds later and tells me shes not allowed to write tickets because she has to be monitoring the radio but she wishes she could. Well why did you just go outside for a moment then? So I say to her "Well if it's not against the law I would gladly put the tickets on the cars for you if you write them so we can fine these no good law breakers for breaking the law." She goes "Well I guess you could but I'm actually not allowed to write tickets. I just do clerical work for the borough." WHAT? You can't take my money and you can't write tickets? Why do we pay you with our tax dollars if you do nothing? Who wants to make a bet that she was just full of shit and one of those cars was HER car and she didn't want to fine herself. She couldn't write a ticket and then not record it in the books. That would look suspicious. 5 minutes later the clerk comes in and I pay my fine (after waiting maybe another 5 minutes for them to find change to give me after telling me at first they might not have change this early in the morning and would I like to wait or they could just reduce my "next fine" by 5 dollars). I actually laugh about this because I obviously flustered them. I'm hoping everyone else they fined last night does the same thing!

This stinks of local yocal police work at its finest.  God forbid if the officer collected the fine and OHHHH BOY she better not ticket the cars of her friends and fellow workers.  I can't believe that Luzerne would employ a police officer that only does clerical work!  I would guess that she is paid well and has the Cadillac of health care.  This entire ticket caper makes me sick!  

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