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Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Cruise Fron Hell (Part 2)

Cruise Ship Triumph
The Carnival Cruise ship Triumph arrived in port on Friday to end it's 5 day ordeal at sea.  Tug boats guided the crippled liner into Mobile, Alabama to cheers from the 4,200 people on board.  It had been a week of horrors due to a fire that disabled the electrical generators on board which caused there to be no cooked food and no toilet facilities.  The horrors did not end there.  One of the buses that Carnival used to transport passengers from the dock to a hotel broke down as well as one of the planes that they chartered to fly people home.  The same group of people were on board ship, then on the bus and then delayed due to a mechanical failure on the plane.  Would you believe the plane had an electrical failure.  At one point, they all just laughed and cracked jokes.  ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME!  Coincidence???  As I mentioned in Part 1 of The Cruise From Hell, Carnival Cruise Lines will be preparing their crack legal team to combat the mountain of up and coming law suits.  Carnival has offered passengers $500, a free flight home, a full refund and a credit for another cruise.  You had to figure it would not take long for passengers to round up lawyers to sue Carnival.  If you thought this, you were correct. 

It took only 24 hours before a suit was filed in court.  Cassie Terry of Brazoria County, Texas, alleged Carnival failed to provide a seaworthy vessel and sanitary conditions, according to court documents.   Terry suffered physical and emotional harm, including anxiety, nervousness and the loss of the enjoyment of life, according to the complaint filed in federal court in Miami.  WHAT!  WHAT!  ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME!  The way I see it, the ship did not sink so it was seaworthy.  Check that off you money docket.  As for the sanitary conditions, yes they were bad.  Chock one up for the plaintiff.  Now lets talk about physical and emotional harm.  This weakens me at the knees.  If this type of situation causes you physical and emotional harm you need to be pistol whipped.  That will bring some harm down on you and destroy your enjoyment of life because of the huge gash it will put in your thick skull.  This parasite will claim that her entire life is ruined because she was put out for a few days.  I guarantee that she will claim that she has nightmares that relive the ordeal every night when she crawls into her coffin.  Cut me a break. 

Trina Briggs And Family
I also see another law suit on the horizon.  Trina Briggs, 52, from Staten Island is a former NYPD officer who left the force after 9/11.  She said the extreme conditions on the ship set off her post-traumatic stress disorder.  "I had to get shots every day to calm me down, but they took real good care of me," said Briggs, who slept on the deck with her family after the fire that knocked out Triumph's power.  "Everything started backing up within about eight hours. We never went back to our rooms after the fire, there was feces on the floor and everywhere," she said.  This should have been a walk in the park for a former NYPD officer.  Hell, they have to wade through feces every day in the god awful slums of the city.  Being a former police officer I would think her life was in real danger all the time.  I can't imagine that it was on board Triumph.  This one will be a field day for some ambulance chasing lawyer.

The bottom line here is some people cannot make the best of a bad situation.  It's all about ME.  You ruined MY trip.  You inconvenienced ME.  You mentally hurt ME.   ME, ME, ME!  If I was on board that ship, the first thing I would have done when the feces started to flow was break into the booze stash and start a huge party on deck.  It would be a 24 hour bender which would have killed at least two days.  One for the actual drinking and another for the hangover.  Hell, I worked in a nursing home for a while so the smell of fecal matter does not bother me.  I swam in it daily.  As for going to the bathroom, hang it over the rail and let loose.  Set up a few tent like structures for people to go in so they can use the biggest toilet in the world, the ocean.  Hell, a little crap would have fed the bottom dwellers of the Gulf.  As for very little food for the few days, think of it as a diet.  If I could have lost a few pounds while on a cruise I would have thought of it as a miracle.  To sum this up, in my opinion these people were really never in harms way.  They were inconvenienced for a few days and THAT'S IT!     



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