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Friday, February 1, 2013

Who Is "Watch"ing The Guards

Luminox Blackout
I picked up The Times Leader off of my front porch yesterday and took a quick glance at the front page to see what was going on in the valley as I walked back into my house.  I noticed the picture of a watch which looked like it may be a Tag Heuer.  It caught my eye because I own a Tag and can testify that it is a great watch with a hefty price tag.  I however, did not buy my Tag.  I actually found it on the beach in Wildwood many years ago.  Anyway, after reading the story and of course blowing a gasket I found that this watch was a Luminox Blackout.  It seems that three prison corrections officers purchased these military style watches with their county funded uniform allowance money.  Guards were informed that starting on January 1st, they must all have watches.  Of course now retired Luzerne County Prison Warden Joseph Piazza issued this directive but never stated what kind of watch or how expensive of a watch these zoo keepers can purchase.  These three nimrods go out and what do they do?  They buy watches at a cost of $315.00 a piece.  WHAT!  WHAT!  ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME!  A $315 watch!  Their yearly uniform allowance is a robust $425 and they use 74% of it on a watch!  What the hell is wrong with these guys? 

Luzerne County Prison
I'll tell you what's wrong with these clowns.  These guards have most likely been abusing their uniform allowance stipend for years.  Local yocal cops have been doing it for years and so have these jug heads.  Instead of using some common sense, they take the tax payers money and go ape shit buying a watch.  Oh, the story doesn't end here.  The directive for all guards to wear a watch was put into place because the guards were submitting overtime and blamed their lack of having a watch as the reason.  OH C'MON!  Do they think we are all idiots!  Watches are not considered a part of the uniform according to the unions collective bargaining agreement and are not eligible to be purchased with the uniform stipend.  However these guys DID buy the watches even though they knew it was not part of the uniform allowance.  In my opinion this is a blatant abuse of the tax payers money and these guys should be disciplined or terminated.  It's time for the unionized employees to get off of the taxpayers feed bag and belly up to the table with us regular schlep rocks.  If anyone in the private sector pulled this stunt, they would be applying for unemployment over on Union Street.             

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