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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Recycling Hell - The War Continues

Last night I put a peace offering out on the curb with my official recycling bin as well as my make shift bin.  My offering asked my enemy, the Forty Fort DPW to please empty my home made bin or just take the whole thing.  The bin is made of recyclable plastic and could be thrown right into the truck.  Of course I got up this morning with a terrible chest cold and a fever but still bolted to the window to see if they accepted my offering.  Much to my dismay, my home made bin with holes drilled in the bottom was still sitting there filled to the top.  I barked out, "You sons of bitches, bastards"!  Why?  Why will they not empty this bin or take the whole damn thing?  As I sit here venting, my mind is now working on plan C, to get myself out of recycling hell.  There are a few things running through my skull like just dump it in the street, take it in the car and dump it at the borough garage or bring in the big guns.  I fear the first two options my land me in the clink or at least with a hefty littering fine.  I may send my son down to the borough garage to actually pick up a second bin today.  My guess is they either won't be there or they won't give him one.  If that fails, I think it will be time to release the kraken!  Bring in a top notch negotiator who can get through to these guys.  I called Henry Kissinger and Jimmy Carter, but they were busy.  I will go to my final option, the President of Forty Fort Council.  We will see what happens.  The war is heating up and I don't plan on surrendering anytime soon.      

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