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Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Griper is Replused

I got a message of Facebook from one of our Gripers and I felt compelled to post it here and of course respond to it.  This comes from Chris "Strawberry" Fields Forever.  A little background on Chris, he is a faithful Griper who can complain with the best of them.  Believe me, we have Griped together for hours on end.  However, he is a dedicated Republican who worships Ronald Reagan and the Bush family.  His response is to the picture to the left that he saw on Facebook.

THIS is FUCKIN' REPULSIVE,SHOWS where HER priorities ARE!  Some obscure QUEEN comes out of the closet & is VENERATED, while a WAR HERO is SIMPLY IGNORED...REPUGNANT,DISGUSTING & DISGRACEFUL!

Not sure why the President would call this guy or why Michelle Obama would tweet this player, but I guess that is their business and not anybody else's.  Maybe they actually knows this guy.  The fact that NBA player Jason Collins came out of the closet is huge.  He is the first professional athlete to publicly announce that he is gay.  It was a monumental moment in sports.  As for the wars, just remember one thing, your hero's the Bush Whackers started these useless wars in the first place. What is repulsive to me is their decision to send our troops in harms way for absolutely NOTHING!  Also, I'm sure the Obama family has acknowledged our war hero's thousands of times.  Unfortunately they cannot contact this hero because he is no longer with us.  Chris Kyle was killed at a shooting range by a fellow soldier who suffered from post war traumatic stress syndrome.  Thanks go out to "W" and his pappy. 

The bottom line here is this, was Chris Kyle a war hero?  He was a sniper in the Navy Seals who is single handily responsible for killing dozens of enemy soldiers.  I would venture to guess if you had asked him he would say he was just doing his job.  Most of the Navy Seals would utter those same words if asked.  However, he was not killed in battle and therefore was not sent a condolence letter from Obama.  Just an FYI, the White House sends out a condolence letter to the families of all of our slain military members.  Each letter is personally signed by President Obama.  The question here is should President Obama have acknowledged this veterans death and the death of any veterans who are now in the private sector?  You can answer that question yourself.    

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