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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Gripers Respond

I have to admit, sometimes I too can be an idiot.  I was going through some stats concerning the R2G when I came across a section called Published Comments.  Now shame on me for not finding this sooner, since this shows a list of comments made by readers.  If you made a comment and I did not respond that is because I just found this section of the R2G.   So, I am going to post up some of these comments which were made on various Gripes along with the hyperlink to the actual story as well as a comment or two.

Anonymous - The title should read, "boys become pussies when they..." women nowadays are vaginizing this world. Luckily for me, I found a man. I respect him as a man and he adores me as his woman. I worry for my daughters....ugh! on The Delusional Thinking Of Women
R2G - There is something about the lure of the vagina.  It is like the singing of the sirens in mythology.  Men turn into mere balls of putty.

Sagar Gurjar - Yes this is good thing to prove honesty.I want to play on these online casinos.Thanks for sharing. style casino chips on Video Poker Machine Raids (The Joker's On Us)

D.B. Echo - It, ummm, was on Holy Saturday night. That's when they've been airing it lately. AND IT WAS FABULOUS!!! on WTF No 10 Commandments Tonight?
R2G - Ah, Holy Saturday night.  No wonder I missed it.  D.B., I still think it should be on Easter Sunday evening.
kevin grim - I understand the concept of Trackback. If you have made your blog can be super site. antibacterial bath salts on Amusing Local Notes-Meth, Bath Salts and The Intercomodal
R2G - I have to ask, what the hell are you trying to say here?

Anonymous - I have to tell you, that officer Cole was also hit by a large bus of paratroopers in which he lost most of his hearing, I am not sure at what point this happened. He is not crafty, he was and is very much injured. He is not a SOB, and shame, shame on you all. You cannot tell me that you would not go bankrupt if something like this happened to you, especially on a policeman's salary. His future was uncertain, he has family. So shut up! Cast a stone if you want, carma is a bitch! on Wilkes-Barre Gets The Shaft Again
R2G - Now that is the fire that I like to see.  First off if he lost most of his hearing how can he perform his duties?  Can I assume it was in the military?  If it was then he must be collecting some disability from Uncle Sam.  Secondly, I would not go bankrupt because I have health insurance as he does to cover the medical costs along with workers compensation, again as he does.  It sounds to me like he will be taken care of from multiple sources.  Let me tell you this, there is a trend here in the Wyoming Valley of long time police officers going out on permanent disability.  I have seen it first hand.  They milk the teat of the system better than welfare parasites.  All of this is on the buck of the taxpayer.  If Officer Cole can no longer perform in the field, then lets get him back working at a job that suits his physical capabilities.  It's called light duty.  Yes, Karma is a bitch and it's gonna get you.
Anonymous - The only reason Jonny numb nuts won is because they beat Alabama. They might as well call it the best sucking off media award. on The Heisman Trophy - What A Joke!
WBFF088 - I don't know who you've been talking to, but they are wrong about the FD. I'll use yesterday as an example, to have the 11 per shift, there was an overtime for both day shift and night shift. Also the Duty Chief for one group (there are 4 groups) has said there will be 26 overtimes (on his group alone!) to the end of the year, WITHOUT anyone off injured or personal time. He has cut WAY to far! So HOW is Leighton saving money? He's NOT! So what is his real plan? Remember the FD is the ONLY union that has worked with the city to save money. And we have been ridiculed by the other unions for it, Yet who does Leighton threat like a baby treats a diaper? on Gripe Shots
R2G - I have to apologize to the WB Firefighters.  I really blasted them, however after more research it was the WBPD that I should have lambasted.  It does appear that Mayor Tom has cut the WBFF deeper than the bone. 
There you have it.  Keep those comments coming because  I love to hear what our readers have to say.  I promise to keep a keen eye on my comment section from here on out.


  1. I'm really fed up with your griping. Nothing gets me so steamed and ticked off as people griping, so I just have to get that off my chest and tell you about it.

  2. Outstanding! You griped about griping! I bet you feel better now.

    1. Hahaaa!!!! You got the joke and are even learning to reply to comments! Good show.