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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Levy Fee - An Update

As most of you know, the R2G has operatives all over the country.  In fact, we have people all over the world keeping their eye balls peeled for things that really tick us off.  We have people in England, Ireland, Mexico, Russia and even China reading and reporting.  Just this past week, one of our local GRIPERS "Checked" in with some news concerning one of our favorite topics, the BOGUS Luzerne County Levee Fee.  Dave Check of Forty Fort reported this.

"Why are there volunteer groups cleaning the Wilkes-Barre side of the river commons?  We pay a Levee Fee for that same reason?  I was also informed by a friend of mine whom walks that way daily  and the garbage cans have not been emptied in days." 
Yes Dave, that sounds like our hard earned tax dollars hard at work for the jug heads at the county.  This bounty of illegal taxation is hard at work doing nothing.  I STILL have not seen one stitch of work being done on the levee or the walls since the last flood scare.  If someone reading this GRIPE has actually seen work being done on the levee I want to know where.  Forty Fort got the brunt of the damage last time and I have not witnessed one second of work being done.  Not one single GRIPER has reported back that they have seen work being done on the levee.  WHERE IS OUR MONEY GOING?  My guess is that it goes into the General Fund and is being spent on other useless projects like the Hotel Sterling.  Don't get me going on that!

The bottom line here is that when the mighty Susquehanna rises again, and it will be soon, the levee system will fail and a flood of 1972 proportions will be imminent.  Our homes will all be underwater and much will be lost.  If this happens, we all need to band together and sue the ever living shit out of the county for their total disregard for levee repair.  I for one will be at the front of the line.  In fact, I am lining up an attorney right now because I predict it will happen in the fall of this year.  If any of you are on board just let me know.  In the meantime, I will wait for my quarterly Levee Fee invoice so I can hand over my money to the county.  It burns my balls every time I have to write out the check.        

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