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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The NFL - The National Felony League

It has been about 5 months since the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl and since that time, 28 players in the NFL or National Felony League have been arrested.  Now in terms of just plain numbers, 28 does not seem like a lot since there are 32 teams x 53-man roster = 1,696 total players.  If you do the math it is only 1.6% of the entire group of NFL players.  It seems like a very small percentage of players who are getting on the wrong side of the law.  However in comparison, only 2 NBA players have been arrested while 5 MLB players have been cuffed and hauled away during the same time span.  The NFL front office is in Def-con 4 over the rash of player arrests since February.  They have been counseling players and coaches while handing down huge fines and suspensions for any act that may seem criminal-like in nature.  However, these 28 nitwits thought that they could "get away with murder".  I have broken them down into categories based on their crimes.

The Brawlers
These guys just can't get enough personal violence.  If there are no players around, then they just beat their wives or girlfriends.

Ronnell Lewis (Detroit Lions): Arrested for getting in a bar fight in Oklahoma.
Adam "Pacman" Jones, (Cincinnati Bengals)  Arrested on an assault charge for allegedly punching a woman outside a club in Cincinnati.  One arrest in a long string.
Daryl Washington (Arizona Cardinals)  Arrested for aggravated assault after an alleged domestic violence incident with his ex-girlfriend.  He thought she was carrying the football!
Rolando McClain (Baltimore Ravens)  Arrested for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest in Alabama.  He was still celebrating their Super Bowl victory.
William Moore (Atlanta Falcons)  Arrested for simple battery after allegedly grabbing a woman by the shoulder in Atlanta.  He thought she dropped a quarter.
Amari Spievey (Detroit Lions)  Arrested for third-degree assault in an alleged domestic violence incident involving his girlfriend in Connecticut.    

The Stone Cold Killer
A little bit of fame and these bone heads think they can get away with murder.

Aaron Hernandez (New England Patriots)  Arrested on murder charges for the alleged execution-style death of associate Odin Lloyd.  All I can say here is IDIOT!

The Fast & The Furious
These clowns buy fast cars and are dumb enough to think they can use them in a 25 MPH area.

Joe Lefeged (Ind. Colts)  Arrested after being in a car involved in a police chase in Washington D.C.  I bet he was leading police to a real crime.
Jason Peters (Philadelphia Eagles)  Arrested for street racing and leading police on a high-speed chase.  Heck, he had just gotten out of the new Fast & Furious movie.

Just Plain Idiots
It is hard to believe that these guys actually got a college education....or did they?

Dan Conner (NY Giants)  Possession of an offensive weapon. This blockhead tried to go through security at Philadelphia International Airport with a switchblade in his luggage.
Titus Young, (Free Agent)  Arrested on suspicion of DUI, and then arrested again on the same day May 5th for trying to steal his own car from the tow yard. Arrested less than a week later for burglary. Young formerly played for the Lions and briefly was with the Rams.  Formerly a player....PERIOD!
Cody Grimm (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)  Arrested for public intoxication in Virginia twice.  Not once but twice!
Quinton Carter (Denver Broncos)  Arrested for allegedly cheating at craps at a Vegas casino, case dismissed.  How dumb can someone be!
Javarris James (Arizona Cardinals)  Arrested for failing to appear in court in Florida.  Moron, just show up!
J’Marcus Webb (Chicago Bears)  Arrested for marijuana possession in Illinois, charges dropped.
Da’Quan Bowers (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)  Arrested for having a gun in his luggage at LaGuardia Airport, charges later reduced to disorderly conduct.  DUMB!
Michael Boley (New York Giants)  Arrested for child abuse in Alabama.  This clown should go to jail.

The DUI Gang
There would not be an NFL without the list of players arrested for Driving Under the Influence.

Joe Morgan, (New Orleans Saints) Arrested for DWI in Louisiana.
Brandon Barden (Tennessee Titans)  Arrested on suspicion of DUI after driving his car off the road in Georgia.
Trumaine Johnson (St. Louis Rams)  Arrested for misdemeanor DUI in Montana.
Evan Rodriguez (Chicago Bears)  Arrested for DUI, speeding and “improper lane usage”.
Al Netter (San Francisco 49ers)  Arrested for DUI in California.      

The J - E - T - S.....Jets, Jets, Jets
Looks like Sexy Rexy needs to swing the hammer down. 

Claude Davis -  Arrested for marijuana possession in New Jersey.
Mike Goodson - Arrested on drug and gun charges in New Jersey.
Cliff Harris - Arrested for marijuana possession in New Jersey.

The Hapless Browns
At least the Bowns are good at something.

Armonty Bryant  Arrested for DUI in Oklahoma.
Quentin Groves  Arrested for solicitation in a prostitution sting in Ohio.  Oh C'mon, everybody needs a little.
Ausar Walcott  Arrested for attempted murder after punching a man outside a club in New Jersey.  The guy must have been a Bengals fan.
Desmond Bryant   Arrested for criminal mischief in Miami.  Mischievous little imp.

There you have it, the list of arrests over the past several months in the National Felony League.  These NFL nimrods are out of control.  The fame and fortune turns them into total idiots who think that they are above the law.  In my opinion the law should throw the book at each and every one of these guys to serve as a wake up call for all professional athletes and the people who look up to them.  I for one am sick and tired of these pin heads making a boat load of money for playing a sport and then doing dumb things like committing crimes. 





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