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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Everybody Knows But The Cops

Vito & Jane Aiello
Why is it when you read or hear about a murder all of the neighbors say, "I knew he or she was capable of it"?  It seems that on many occasions the neighbors know, the relatives know but the cops are oblivious.  Case in point, Vito Aiello of Wilkes-Barre shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself.  His wife Jane was pronounced dead at Geisinger Hospital and Vito is in critical condition.  He survived the suicide attempt.  All of this was done while their 15 year old son was at home.  Neighbors report that they heard several gun shots and then the boy running across the street screaming, "call 911, call 911".  Right now the motive for the shooting was unclear, however Jane Aiello had filed for divorce at the Luzerne County Courthouse on September 13th.  Her reason for the divorce was that the marriage was, "intolerable, life burdensome and irretrievably broken". 

Evidently Vito Aiello was not the most liked guy. Neighbors up and down Andover St. all said that the Aiello marriage was rocky at best.  One neighbor said, "When she filed for divorce and he was served with the papers we knew he was going to kill her".  "You won't find one person on this street that wouldn't believe that."  Another neighbor said he had installed security cameras on his property after several disputes with Aiello.

Vito was no stranger to the law.  Between 2003 and 2004 he had a girlfriend on the side.  At one point his wife had called the cops to report that he was on his way over to the girlfriends house to kill her.  Exeter police staked out the home, but Vito was a no show.  Jane Aiello also filed an involuntary commitment for her husband fearing that he would hurt someone or himself.  In 2003 Aiello pleaded guilty to harassment which included terrorist threats and stalking.  He had actually spliced into his girlfriends phone lines so he could record her phone calls.  He was sentenced to one year probation.  He also served 48 hours in the clink for drunk driving in 2005.

Overall, Vito Aiello had been involved on the wrong side of the law multiple times.  The neighbors knew he was capable of murder, his relatives knew, his girlfriend knew and his dead wife knew.  The question here is how did the cops not know?  How come entire streets know which house is the drug house but the cops don't know.  The bottom line is the flat footed cops in our area wouldn't dare know.  They are too busy either giving teenagers traffic tickets or speeding for hot donuts at Dunkin.  It amazes me that our police forces do NOTHING to prevent crime.  All they do is respond to crime, sometimes an hour or two after the fact.  How many of you see police cars patrolling up and down your streets?  I know in the town I live in it is seldom.  In Wilkes-Barre it is almost never.  We need to get more patrol cars out on the streets.  We need beat cops back on Public Square moving the Square Rats along.  The FOP and the police always want more money and no copay for health care.  If they want it, lets prove that you deserve it.  If not, hit the bricks and get out of Dodge.  I'm sick of my hard earned tax dollars going to waste on fat cat cops.  

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