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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Government Shutdown

If you have noticed, I have not weighed in on the federal government shutdown.  It would have been very easy for me to just hammer out some off the cuff comments on how crazy the Tea Party is or how stupid the Republican Party is or how stubborn President Obama is.  No, I have sat back for the past week and remained silent.  I have watched debate after debate on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS and even the EIEIO.  I have taken my time because I wanted to make sure that I could consciously point my finger at the right party and say, "STOP, you are a bunch of idiots".  Well, I have been silent long enough.  I have seen it all and heard it all and let me tell you I have had enough.  I have had enough of them all!

Speaker John "Boner" Boehner
We are now in day eight of the government shutdown and there seems to be no real hope on the horizon for a compromise.  The President will not budge and neither will House Republicans under the leadership of their top moron Speaker John "Boner" Boehner.  Instead of sitting down to hash out a compromise for "We The People", these pinheads in Washington have actually shut down the Federal Government which has resulted in about 800,000 people being out of work for over a week now.  Along with these 800,000 federal people being out of a paycheck, countless other vendors and private companies are being hit right in the pocketbook because of all this insanity.  So, who's to blame for this disgrace?  Who's to blame for what is maybe the dumbest thing our government has ever perpetrated onto its people?

I have digested all of the data and most of the blame needs to be thrust the way of the Tea Party Republicans.  These radical idiots have driven a wedge into the Republican Party that is quickly destroying the credibility of America's oldest political party.  This small but puzzlingly powerful minority in the House along with Speaker "Boner" have now sent this country on a very dangerous path.  The main sticking point is of course Obama Care.  The Democrats back the Prez on this while the Republicans claim it is going to sink the nation even further in debt.  In April of this year, the U.S. national debt was approximately $11.959 trillion.  I don't know about you, but I can't even get my head around a number this large.  Pluto is only 3.78 billion miles away from Earth.  The national debt number changed to miles would take us out of the solar system.  Both parties are standing fast on possible compromises on Obama Care.

President Obama
The second hot issue is the debt ceiling.  In order to actually fund Obama Care and pay our bills, President Obama is asking for Congress to raise the debt ceiling.  Raising this limit actually happens almost every year, but now Republicans are holding the position that enough is enough and we cannot go any further in debt.  On October 17th the federal government will default on many of it's loans.  This would be a catastrophic blow to the financial integrity of our nation if it actually happens.  Economists warn of dire fiscal impacts from failing to raise what is called the debt ceiling, such as a reduced U.S. credit rating that would spike borrowing costs. The economic blow and questions about America's fiscal fidelity could bring a global slowdown, Obama has warned.

So, who is to blame?  I will tell you who is to blame over the next several days with my multi-part series, Government Shutdown.         

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