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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Gripe - Back

This response to yesterday's Gripe Shots came in via Facebook.  Yes, the R2G is on Facebook, but not on Twitter.  I need someone to fill me on what the usefulness of Twitter.

Tim "PA Jugallo" writes - Ahhh Lauren the Lips..... where was she when I was in high school? But Jim no punishment is harsh enough for the .... I don't want to call her a lady because that insinuates she's human and anything that can do that shit to animals isn't human. I do like the idea of her being eaten alive as food for the dogs but looking at her she probably doesn't taste good and it might get the doggies sick.  

I have to agree with the getting the dogs sick part.  Maybe we could use her corpse as fertilizer at Hillside Farms.

I also received this feedback from Chris "Strawberry" Fields.  It was two words along with the picture on the left. 
 Chris, I will agree with you there.  This punk is nothing but a gutless coward.  This ass monkey should have both his hands cut off and then Clorox bleach poured on the bleeding stumps.  Here is the actual story courtesy of the Baton Rouge Crime News web site called Red Stick.
 The Baton Rouge Police Department arrested Joshua Gonzalez, 30, 6161 Royal Palms, Gonzalez, LA, Monday after he allegedly committed battery on a female acquaintance.According to a report, Gonzalez and the victim returned home from a Christmas party Sunday night. The victim told investigators that Gonzalez was angry because the victim was talking too much to Gonzalez’s brother during the party.
The victim stated that an argument ensued which escalated into a physical attack. The victim went into the bathroom followed by Gonzalez who “grabbed her by the hair and slammed her face into the bathroom sink,” according to the report. This caused a large laceration above the victim’s right eye. The victim called a friend of hers and told him that “there was blood everywhere.” The victim’s friend came to the home to help her after fearing she was in danger.
As the victim’s friend was arriving, Gonzalez walked out of the apartment, saw him at the bottom of the stairs then went back into his apartment and got his shotgun, according to the report. The victim’s friend told her to get in his truck and they backed away from Gonzalez, who was reportedly pointing the shotgun at him and the victim. The two were able to leave the area without further incident.
After leaving, the victim and her friend stated that they saw that Gonzalez following them in his vehicle. They were able to lose Gonzalez and proceed to Ochsner Hospital on O’Neal Lane for medical treatment. The victim received about 5 stitches to close the wound on her face.
During an interview with investigators, the victim’s friend stated that he also received a call from the victim back in October stating that Gonzalez had struck her then.
Investigators, with the help of the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office, located Gonzalez at his parents home. He was detained by the APSO and turned over to the Baton Rouge Police.
Gonzalez was charged with 2nd Degree Battery and Aggravated Assault. He was then transported to the EBR Parish Prison where he was released a short time later after posting a $40,000 bond.
 There you have it, feedback from our Gripers.  Keep it coming!

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