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Friday, February 7, 2014

Super Bowel

It has taken me about a week to digest last Sunday's Super Bowl between the Seahawks and the Broncos.  After careful consideration I can say that this is one if not the worst Super Bowl that I have ever seen.  The game was a blow out, the commercials sucked, Fox's coverage stunk, Joe Buck and Troy Aikman blew as usual and Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are not my favorites.  Over all, it was a bust.  It was the Super Bowel of sports.  By half time we had put all of the food away and were dozing off in our seats.  It was an absolute bore-fest.

As for the game, a safety on the first play really got the Broncos off to a Rocky Mountain start.  I wonder what the odds were and the payout for a safety on the first play.  I may bet $10 on that every year.  During the game, Peyton Manning looked more confused than the Wilkes-Barre cops at a murder scene.  Seattle's defense looked like they knew what plays he was calling.  Wait a minute, they did know because they figured out his hand signals.  The Hawks D was on the Bronco's players like stink on a monkey.  They didn't have a chance.  After the first quarter, the 100 million people who watched this mess knew it was over.  All they had to look forward to was the commercials.

Speaking of commercials, they flat out stunk!  Very few were funny except for the dogs with the big heads.  That one brought out a slight chuckle from my already turning stomach.  The coup de gras was the Coke commercials that had women singing American The Beautiful in several different languages.  I can tell you that this had people bitching around the old water cooler on Monday morning.  As for myself, I will give my opinion here on the R2G over the weekend.

Finally, lets talk about Fox's coverage of the Super Bowel.  IT BLEW MONKEY ASS!  How many times did they show that moron Pete Carroll prowling the sidelines?  I'll tell you, at least 58 times.  Yes, you read that right.  At one point during the game I thought Buck and Aikman were going to bolt down to the sideline and smother Carroll with kisses.  As usual, these two ASS CLOWNS made total idiots out of themselves.  Why would it be any different than any other Sunday game.

Overall, this Super Bowel was a bust.  Let's see if 100 million chumps watch the game next year.  My guess the ratings will be down.  As for me, if my team is not in it I will be thinking long and hard about watching this yearly fiasco.   

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