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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

College Football Committee (Week 1)

Almost two years ago, the NCAA announced that there would finally be a playoff system put in place to name the National Champion.  After years and years of controversy and long debates, now a 4 team playoff will happen with the winner claiming the much heralded title.  These two playoff games will be held every year at the sites of the major bowls and will rotate around.  The top 4 teams to make this playoff as well as the picks for the other major bowls will be selected by a panel of 12 experts.  These "experts" will be chosen based on their experience and knowledge of the game.  Leading this selection committee is the Vice Chairman & Director of Athletics for the University of Arkansas Jeff Long.  Just for reference, Arkansas is in the SEC or South East Conference.  Below is the remainder of the members.

Barry Alvarez - Wisconsin AD (Big 10 Conference)
LT. General Mike Gould -Former Superintendent of the Air Force Academy (WAC Conference)
Pat Hayden - USC AD (Pac 12 Conference)
Tom Jernstedt - Former NCAA Executive V.P.
Oliver Luck - AD West Virginia (ACC Conference)
Archie Manning - Former Mississippi QB (SEC Conference)
Tom Osbourne - Former AD and Head Coach of Nebraska (Big 12 Conference)
Dan Radakovich - AD Clemson (ACC Conference)
Condoleezza Rice - Stanford Professor and Former Sec. of State (Pac 12 Conference)
Mike Tranghese - Former Commish for the Big East
Steve Weinberg - Former Football Reporter for USA Today
Tyrone Willingham - Former Head Coach at 3 different universities.

Well, Last week, this selection committee or what I call the ICC (Insane Clown Committee) released their first ever playoff poll.  Just when you thought college football got it right, BAM, total bedlam.  Sports reporters all over the country shook their heads in disbelief as teams like Ohio St (16), Notre Dame (10) and Alabama (6) were shunned by the ICC.  All three teams have 1 loss as do many others.  Of course the two undefeated teams, Miss. St and Florida St were ranked 1and 2 respectfully.  At #3 was Auburn, how I don't know.  In the final playoff spot after week one was Ole Miss who lost to #24 LSU by 3 points at home.  Again, total confusion on this pick.  The ICC tells us that both Auburn and Ole Miss have more "quality wins".  I say bull honkey to that.  Ole Miss beat Alabama, the only "quality" win that I see.  Auburn beat LSU, a "quality win" but lost to Miss St at home by 15 points.

Ok, I think I get the Ohio St slot since they lost to a 4-4 Virginia Tech team by two touchdowns and have what I see as 0 "quality wins".  As for Alabama, they lost to Ole Miss at home by 5 points and have again what I see as 0 quality wins.  Notre Dame at #10 is a big joke.  They lost to #2 Florida St in Florida St by 4 points on a bum offensive pass interference call with little time left in the game that took away the winning TD.  Don't get me going on that!  ND has one "quality" win over Stanford.  The #10 ranking does not make any sense.  I could go on and on and on about several other teams, but I won't.

Coming up....The week 2 abomination. 

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