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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Rest In Peace Hector

A familiar site in the downtown Tunkhannock area has passed away.  Gunned down in the streets in the prime of life.  Hector, the name folks in this quiet town gave to the daily visitor will forever be remembered by many.  You see, Hector was quite a bird.  Yes, a bird, a turkey to be exact.  Hector was often seen peering into business windows wondering what was going on inside.  He was often seen tapping on the front doors of the Hampton Inn, looking for a quiet room I guess.  He stopped traffic many a time to work his way across the street.  It makes me think of the joke, "why does a chicken cross the road"?  In this case it was a turkey.  The answer, to get to one of the stores on the other side.  Hector would saunter right up the middle of the Main Street while he took in all of the sites.  Nothing seemed to bother good ole' Hector, not cars, trucks or even police sirens.  He was the perfect guest.

Hector was a popular bird in the town of Tunkhannock.  The town adopted him and was moving to officially name the bird, Hector.  Hell, even the mayor gave Hector a pardon for Thanksgiving.  He was free to roam around the town in total safety.  Everybody loved Hector.  Everybody that is except the evil Pennsylvania Game Commission.

You see, the Game Commission deemed Hector a hazard and disposed of the loved gobbler.  One day he was there and then the next, gone never to return.  They murdered Hector in cold blood.  Gunned him down in the streets like a criminal.  The murdering bastards of the Game Commission could have trapped Hector but instead chose to end his life with one shot.  Why, who knows.  The Pa. Game Commission is staffed with a bunch of power hungry morons who think that they rule the world.  They could have easily trapped the bird and then set her free in the woods.  No, instead some game goof murdered Hector and most likely took her home for a meal.  If I was the Mayor of Tunkhannock I would want answers.  Why did the kill poor old Hector.  I would have run the Game Commission clowns out of town on a rail.  The Mayor should have told them to let Hector alone.  Instead the Game goons rode in and opened fire like the Clanton gang.

Yes, Hector will be missed in Tunkhannock.  People will still talk about the turkey who came to town.  Hector had people talking to each other.  He brought the community together for a short period of time.  It seems to me that more of our towns need a Hector, especially during this holiday season.  People have drifted apart and inspirations like Hector can pull a community together.  Rest In Piece Hector. 

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