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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

The latest edition of Time Magazine released this past week shows a black cover with 3 words, "Is Truth Dead".  When it comes to the state of affairs in Washington D.C. and especially at the White House these 3 simple words ring a loud warning bell.  It seems that our leaders in the nations capitol have thrown common sense and truth to the wind for partisan volleys of lies and untruths.  They have blatantly disregarded the intelligence of the American public for their self interests and self esteem by spewing untold lies during interviews or on their Twitter accounts.  Lying seems to be common place anymore.  It is actually sickening.

When I was a kid, my parents taught me not to lie.  It was a fundamental belief that most of us grew up with.  Today, this belief has been thrown to the waste side by the men and women who are deciding the fate of our country every day.  This new trend of untruths is being led by none other than the President himself, Donald Trump, or as I call him The Trumpster.  It seems that every time he opens his filthy pie hole nothing but garbage flows out.  During his campaign, the Huffington Post wrote, "Donald Trump has lied so many times this presidential election campaign that the very value of truth in politics seems meaningless".   He lied to the faces of the American public time and time again during his campaign, but somehow still got elected.  Does this mean that the people just don't give a rats rear end anymore?  It certainly seems that way.  I guess the public was so fed up with politics as usual they decided that a liar was better as President than a full time, qualified politician.

Now that the campaign is over and The Trumpster is actually our President, the lies have not stopped.  In fact they have become bigger and are spewed more often.  On January 23rd of 2017, the Independent wrote, "President Donald Trump cemented his reputation for fabrication on the campaign trail, but ascending to the highest office in the land has not kept him from making false claims", only days after he was sworn into office.  Let's not forget how his mouth piece Kellyanne Conway uttered those ridiculous words about Sean Spicer giving "Alternative Facts".  I just grabbed at my forehead yet again in disbelief as I write this.  There is absolutely no such thing as Alternative Facts.  A fact is a fact...PERIOD!  If it's not a fact than it is a untruth or a lie.

So what is the bottom line here?  It's either our President lives in a fantasy world or he is simply a down right lying sack of crap.  In my opinion it could be either.  The Trumpster once claimed that he was on the cover of Time Magazine 14 or 15 times and that was a record never to be broken.  Wrong-O beaver breath.  Richard Nixon donned the cover 55 times while The Trumpster hit the cover 11 times.  Was this a lie or was he just inflating his own self centered ego.  Either way, this has to stop.  Have politicians in Washington been lying to the American public since the beginning?  Sure they have, but not as blatantly as they are now.  Our President needs to lead by example and reign in the politics of untruths.  It's time for our politicians to come clean and start to lead our country by telling the truth.  If not, We The People need to rise up and vote these knuckleheads out of office.  It's time that they make decisions based on what is good for this country and not was better for their own personal gains.  It certainly seems that the truth is dead in Washington.      

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