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Saturday, March 18, 2017

My Prediction Comes True

I must be a genius. A prognosticating mammal with more powers than the weather predicting rodent Punxsutawney Phil.  A real Nostradamus when it comes to predicting the future.  Back about a year ago during the Presidential election, I predicted that Mexico would not pay one red cent or should I say Peso toward Donald Trumps wall.  I also predicted that our maniacal, delusional President would hoist the burden of his wall onto the backs of us taxpayers.  Boy was I right!

This past week, the Trumpster released his 2017 fiscal budget that included $1.5 billion for his "great" wall.  I put the word great in quotations because the Chumpster himself says that if you do this it broadens the meaning of the word.  This is for a future Gripe.  He is also asking for another $2.6 billion in the 2018 fiscal budget which by the way begins this October.  That is a total of $4.1 billion dollars for a wall in the 2017 calendar year that in my opinion and the opinion of many experts, will not stop the flow of illegal immigrants.  It may slow it down, but it will not stop the flow of illegals coming into our country.  FYI, in case you didn't know, the Department of Homeland Security estimated that the entire cost of this wall would be somewhere near $21.6 billion.  Of course the Chumpster claims that it will only cost a mere $12 billion.  The $21.6 billion must be a "fake" number.

People, I have a real Gripe with this.  Back on the campaign trail, one of the central themes of the Chumpster was, "We are going to build a wall and Mexico is going to pay for it".  In fact his supporters would chant it right along with him when he said it.  It was a call and response rally cry for the Chump campaign.  However, in January, Chump backed off his campaign promise and finally admitted that "We The People" would be paying for the wall, but Mexico would reimburse us for it.  Of course, time and time again Mexican President Enrique Nieto stated that in no way will Mexico pay for this wall.  Former Mexican President Vicente Fox tweeted, "I've said this to @realDonaldTrump and now I'll tell you:  Mexico is not going to pay for that fucking wall."  I love this guy.  He is not afraid to tell it like he sees it. 

Here is the bottom line.  Our President lives in an ivory tower fantasy world where he is used to getting his own way.  The people around him in his business world bow down to him because he holds the ultimate power over them.  In the political realm, Chump does not wield Excalibur all over the world.  He cannot strong arm other countries to genuflect at his feet so he can get what he wants.  Donald Chump lied on the campaign trail and he continues to lie to this day as the President of the United States.  The wall is only one example of the numerous piles of bull shit that he laid on the American public.  I sit here at my lap top shaking my head as I write this.  How could close to half of the American public fall for his forked tongue rhetoric?  I know I didn't.  I made my prediction a year ago and I will stand by it until Mexico sends us a check.  


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