Covid 19 - The Real Truth (Part 1)

I have not posted on the Right To Gripe in quite some time but feel the need to bring it back with a weekly Gripe.  My reason for bringing this Blog back is my intolerance of some people and their inaccurate postings on Facebook.  I have to tell you that this is quickly becoming one of my top 5 pet peeves.  It won't replace the masses being idiots thouygh!  During the election which put Donald Trump in the White House and now during the Covid 19 Pandemic people are posting inaccurate information on the web more and more.  For some reason, they feel the need to post bogus stories from news and web sites with a zero reputation ranking.  They are posting nilly willy video's of people giving their opinions and treating them like fact.  Right now we see so called doctors and even general practitioners posting contradicting stories and video's about the Corona Viruses.  These posts are contradicting to the viral and pandemic experts from around the world who actually know what the are doing.

One of these topics that we see quite often is the Covid 19 Virus is no different that other viruses that we get all the time.  This statement drives me CRAZY!  Medical workers on the front lines in Covid 19 hot spots will tell you different as well as the viral experts who deal with viruses everyday.  NO, it is much different and here are some facts that prove this.

Virus              # of Cases In U.S.          # of Deaths in U.S.          % of Deaths 
Covid 19         1,350,000                       79,773                                5.9%
H1N1              60,800,000                     12,469                                0.02%
Swine Flu       1,400,000,000                575,400                              0.04%
Avian Flu       0.00                                 0.00                                   0.00%

* H1N1, Swine and Avian flu numbers are based on a 1 year span of time versus a much shorter time for Covid 19.

When you look at the numbers, H1N1 and Swine Flu infected a significantly higher amount of the American population while the Avian Flu never made the transition in the U.S. from birds to humans.  The Avian Flu was first detected in Mute Swans in Michigan on 08/14/06 and then again in ducks in Pennsylvania and Maryland on 09/03/06.  Covid 19 ranks 3rd out of the 4 examples of total people infected with modern day flu cases, but ranks 2nd in the total number deaths.  The significant number to look at here is the percentage of deaths related to Covid 19 versus the rest of the pack.  Covid 19 ranks #1 by far with 5.9% of Americans passing away once infected.  We do need to take into play the short time that Covid 19 has been in the U.S. and our inability to test people early in the Pandemic.  Of course these numbers will change as time goes on and more testing is completed.  Our inability to test people is another topic soon to be Griped about.

The bottom line here is the Covid 19 Virus so far has been deadlier in terms of the percentage of people who die because of it.  It is easy to sit back and say, "I'm not going to pay attention to the virology experts because I think this is no worse than a common flu".  If you actually believe this, then you are sadly mistaken.  Please, please, please, I implore you to do some valid research on reputable sites such as the CDC, WHO and other good medical sources.  Don't believe every Tom, Dick and Harry who posts nonsensical garbage on the internet.  And for God's sake, don't believe everything you read on Facebook.  Believe it or not, I know at least one person who depends on Facebook for their news.  Finally, STOP POSTING false information on Facebook.  As I just mentioned, there are people who believe everything that they read on FB.  Do the research and then come up with your own conclusion based on the facts at hand.  Don't be an idiot!  We still don't know everything that there is to know about Covid 19 and it will take time to do so.

Listen to the experts!  Stay at home and wear a mask when you go out.  Is it hard to do these things?  Not really.  Let's make sure we can kick the BIG 19 so we can get back to what will be a new normal.