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Monday, January 30, 2012

Insane And Overpaid

The other day I sat down and went through my bills. As I started writing the check for the gas bill I thought to myself, "Hey, I think I will overpay this bill". Insane isn't it? Why would anyone overpay a bill? Well, Luzerne County did. The brain surgeons in the high exalted mystic courthouse overpaid LRW Solutions Group Inc. $856,000 for work they did on records management for the county. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! $856,000! It appears that these bills were paid out without proper review or approval from the records retention committee which oversaw the project. In other words, the bills were submitted and just paid out, PERIOD. Maybe I will submit a bogus bill to the county to see if they send me payment for work that I never did. Now call me stupid, call me an idiot, but no one just pays bills without first making sure they are on the up and up.

Back in June of 2005, Luzerne County contracted Little Red Wagon Solutions, Inc to go through all of their records so they could organize them better. The contracted cost to complete this project was supposed to be $112,000. However, the county ended up paying LRW a grand total of $968,200. These overpayment's included $849,404 in labor which was supposed to be capped at $107,000 and $40,727 for travel, meals and lodging which were to be capped at $5,000. Travel, meals and lodging? Aren't all of the records right here in Luzerne County? The county also paid $78,068 for subcontractors which was never included in the contract. The pinheads were duped! No surprise here. Speaking of duped, this records retention committee which was made up of the 3 stooges (commissioners), the Register Of Wills, treasurer, sheriff and the Prothonotary, never detected the overpayment's simply because THEY NEVER HELD A MEETING! The Prothonotary at the time was Jill Moran. Moran resigned her position because she was the one who delivered the boxes of cold hard cash to the judges in the Kids For Cash scandal. WHAT! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! This fact left all of the payment decisions to then Clerk of Courts Robert "Oh Really" Reilly. Now it all makes sense. Reilly stepped down from his office back in 2010 after he was charged with receiving kickbacks from contractor Barton Weidlich. I hope you know what's coming next. Weidlich was one of the subcontractors that worked on the records project.

This thing just plain wreaks of corruption! This shit pile that these people laid on the taxpayers keeps getting higher and higher. They all back doored money into their pockets by rubber stamping checks to all kinds of companies. In return these contractors greased their pockets with cash. This is better than a mafia movie. All I have to say is more people need to get sent up the river where the sunlight is striped. These crooks cheated the county and the taxpayers out of close to a million dollars on this scam alone. Over the years my guess is they filtered tens of millions or more from the taxpayers. This is inexcusable! In fact this really ticks me off to no end. I say lets get the Feds to start auditing more and more so they can stir up the rats that used to run the county. I think some jail time is in the future for some of our former county politico's.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Lesser Of Three Evils

This past Tuesday, some Gripers and I got together at Chacko's Family Bowling Center to throw a few games and to chew the fat. Of course, the topic of the Presidential race came up and the heated debate began. The Democrats in the crowd were not thrilled with President Obama, but supported him none the less. On the Republican side, were a bunch of people who had no idea who to support. The consensus of the elephant party was we don't know who to vote for in the primary. I told them that I would think over this dilemma for them and come up with a candidate. So here is what I think of the Republican candidates for the Presidency in 2012.

Mit Romney: Mitt Romney was born on March 12, 1947 in Detroit. The son of Michigan governor, George Romney, Mitt founded the investment firm Bain Capital. Romney attended the prestigious Cranbrook School before receiving his undergraduate degree from Brigham Young University in 1971. He attended Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School and received both a law degree and an M.B.A. in 1975. He is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also known as the Mormon Church.

I have a few problems with ole' Nit Mitt Romney. Number one, he is a Mormon. Mormons don't drink, smoke or carry on and that is 3 strikes right there. Putting a Mormon in the White House would invite the return of Prohibition. I can see it now, the Feds busting up perfectly good barrels of beer. Secondly, he is a thief! While you and I pay 35 to 38% tax, Nit Mitt paid only 13.9% on the 42 million he made in 2010. He paid such a low percentage because the earnings were in capitol gains which are taxed much less than the working stiffs paychecks. This of course just really pisses me off! Nit Mitt also has money socked away in the Cayman Islands and in Switzerland which is immune to the American tax structure. In other words he is dumping this dough to avoid taxation. In my book that makes him a thief. Some of you will say he is just a smart business man. That may be so, however I say he is a Mormonic thief. Check him off the list for the White House.

Newton Leroy "Newt" Gingrich: Born in south central Pennsylvania to a teenage mother, Gingrich was adopted in infancy by his stepfather, a career soldier. Gingrich attended Emory University and received his Ph.D. from Tulane University. In the 1970s he taught history and geography at West Georgia College. During this period he mounted several campaigns for the United States House of Representatives, before winning the election of November 1978. He served as the House Minority Whip from 1989 to 1995. In 1995, Time named him "Man of the Year" for his role in ending 40 years of majority control by the Democratic Party. While he was House speaker, the House enacted welfare reform, passed a capital gains tax cut in 1997, and in 1998 passed the first balanced budget since 1969.

Well, Newt is originally from Pennsylvania and that is a plus for him. He also came up through the ranks of hard work and reward to become what he is today, a lightning rod for controversy. Another plus in my book. Just recently, Gingrich's ex-wife came forward to say that the "Newtster" wanted to have an open marriage. In other words, he wanted to have relations with other women as well as his wife. Of course, this led to the end of that marriage. I guess he wanted to be a Mormon, kind of like "Nit Mitt" Romney. I guess if the wife goes for it, it's a plus for you! Just last night during one of the many nauseating debates, Newt stated "I'd like to have an American on the moon before the Chinese get there," Hello, Newt are you there? We had a man on the moon back in July of 1969. By the way, there was nothing there. It is a ball of useless rock. How about Mars or Uranus or Myanus. Anyway, the problem with Newt Gingrich is he often goes off the deep end without thinking. This is not a good thing to do when you are making decisions in the Oval Office.

Rick Santorum: Rick Santorum is the middle of the three children of Aldo Santorum (1923–2011), an Italian immigrant and clinical psychologist who immigrated to the United States at age seven from Riva del Garda, Italy, and Catherine (Dughi) Santorum (1918–), an administrative nurse of Italian and Irish descent. Santorum was born in Winchester, Virginia, and grew up in Berkeley County, West Virginia and Butler County, Pennsylvania, Santorum attending the Butler Area public schools where he was nicknamed "Rooster" both for a cowlick strand of hair and his defiantly confrontational nature. After his parents transferred to the Naval Station Great Lakes in northern Illinois, Santorum attended the Roman Catholic Carmel High School in Mundelein, Illinois for one year, graduating in 1976. Santorum earned a B.A. with honors in political science from Pennsylvania State University in 1980, an M.B.A. from the University of Pittsburgh in 1981, and a J.D. with honors from the Dickinson School of Law in 1986. In his 2005 book, It Takes a Family, Santorum advocates for a more family values-oriented society centered on monogamous, heterosexual relationships, marriage, and child-raising. He says he is pro-life; yet opponents have labelled him a counterfeit conservative pointing to his votes that continued the federal funding of Planned Parenthood. He opposes same-sex marriage saying the American public and their elected officials should decide on these "incredibly important moral issues", rather than the Supreme Court, which consists of "nine unelected, unaccountable judges.”

Folks, this is one dangerous man. He is an Evangelical Christian who opposes anything that may sound like fun and he has the nickname Rooster. This type of person scares me to death. Again I have horrible visions of the Feds busting up kegs of beer in the streets and hauling people away. If this guy gets in the White House the Mothers Against Drunk Driving will have a field day. My idea of DAMD, Dunks Against Mothers Driving will be outlawed. Just writing about this clown getting into the White House creeps me out. I can't think about it anymore.

I guess if I was a Republican, and I am not, I would have to throw my support to "The Newtster". Maybe we could use a new sheriff shooting from the hip in town. The other two guys just creep me out. No matter who wins, they will have to up against incumbent President Obama. As our friend Chris "Strawberry Fields Forever" stated during our bowling alley debate, "The last few elections for president consisted of voting for the lesser of two evils". He was absolutely correct and it looks like this election will be the same. You will have to decide who is the lesser of the two evils in November.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


I have not Griped for over a week now and boy do I have a lot Gripe built up inside my brain. So many ridiculous things have been going on I just didn't know where to start. As many of you know, when I have all of this building up I have to sit down to pour out some Gripe and that means, yes you guessed it, GRIPE SHOTS. So pull up a stool and get ready to slam down a few. There is so much Gripe to be had, I hope we don't get pulled over for DWG....Driving While Griping. The penalty would be death by Griping!

Back on January 13th one of the most insane stories broke all over the country concerning a woman right here in NEPA who claims she was fired from her job for wearing a prosthetic penis (pictured at left) to work. Not a prosthetic leg or arm, but a penis. Pauline Davis filed a law suit against J&J Snack Foods Corp, a maker of frozen snacks and treats for wrongful termination. Davis was a line inspector who had been contemplating a gender switch from female to male. She had confided in a few co-workers who then told management that she was wearing the fake penis. Shortly after she was fired even though the piece did not interfere with her work performance. Davis is suing for back wages, damages for suffering and humiliation, and punitive damages, according to this week's lawsuit. Neither Davis or J&J Snacks could be reached for comment. This is just insane! First off why would they fire her for wearing a strap on under her pants and secondly why would she broadcast to fellow employees that she had a fake trouser trout on the line. It just goes to show you that co-workers are often back stabbing, no good bastards. It also not true that a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.

The city of Wilkes-Barre is buzzing over the purchasing of three fire trucks back in 2006. Yes, 2006. It takes the people of WB about 5 years to figure things out. It seems that a $1 million dollar donation was made by an anonymous donor for the purchase of the trucks. Mayor Leighton kept this donation a secret until now while keeping the name of the donor under wraps. Now information has come out that the city cannot find 2 of the 3 bids for the purchase. Karen Ceppa Hirko, the woman who first inquired about the fire engine purchases through a right-to-know request, said two other RFPs were received from American LaFrance of Summerville, S.C., and Pierce Manufacturing of Appleton, Wisc. The trucks were purchased from from KME-Kovatch Organization for $840,000. Now, I want to know why anybody would care where the $1 million dollars came from and why some 5 years later someone would want to know about the bids. I say shut the hell up and be happy that someone donated a million bucks for new fire trucks. The people of NEPA are never happy. They always want more and the sad thing is they actually think they are entitled to it. You are entitled to nothing so shut the hell up you greedy bastards.

It is now official, Joe Paterno has died at the age of 185, no that's 85. The Nittany Lion icon succumbed to complications from lung cancer. As all of you know, I am not a big fan of JoePa, however he won 409 games and took the Nittany Lions to 37 bowl games and two national championships. More than 250 of the players he coached went on to the NFL. Until recently, his programs were regarded as one of the tops in the nation. His credo was always "Success With Honor". This was severely tested in 2011 with charges that his former defensive guru, Jerry Sandusky has been molesting children on campus for years. I guess you are all wondering what kind of Gripe I have with this. Let me tell you. For all of those students and fans who are breaking down in tears, cut the shit. My guess would be they took the Theater and Acting major at PSU. Most of these sobbing idiots never even talked to the man let along know him personally. I expect we will see the campus shrouded in black over the next decade to two in remembrance of "Big Nose" Joe. Christ, he was a college football coach, not the Pope! Did he make a positive impact on his players lives, YES! Did he make a positive impact on every student or PSU fan, MAYBE! Did he go to the authorities to report that "The Sandman" had rear entry thrusted some kids in the showers even after his higher-ups dropped the ball, NO! College football lost a great coach. We don't need to see a spectacle made of his passing. I have mixed emotions about the death of JoePa. He was one of the greatest college football coaches of all time, but fumbled the ball at the goal line of his life. Rest In Peace!

Well, that's it. I am now drunk with Gripe and ready to take a nap. The NFC and AFC Championship games are on today. My prediction is the entire thing is fixed. The NFL wants San Fran and Baltimore in this thing so we can see the Harbaugh brothers coach against each other in the Super Harbaugh Bowl. You heard it here first.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Responses to The LCB - Drunk For Money

We had a few responses to our latest Gripe concerning the LCB raising their prices on the nectar of the gods, Wine and Spirits.

Tim Pa Juggolo wrote: Thats pretty disgusting personally. How dare they take away my friday fun.

Also checking in was Dave C,the founder of Check-tober Fest: Theres probably more "behind the scene" here. The LCB is more than likely trying to make extra cash fast BEFORE they privatize the liquor stores in PA. They ( the LCB ) more than likely already know this is going to happen.

Finally, one of our best Gripers, Bob W from Toy Town: Dave that is a good point that has seemed to slip by everyone . This state in the words of the joker in the movie Batman said "this town needs an enema" just use state for town.

Great responses from all. Dave does bring up a good point about them privatizing the stores. Let's rape the public for everything we can get before we say Esta la-vista baby to the stores.

Friday, January 13, 2012

LCB - Drunk For More Money

Boy, do I have a Gripe with the Pa. Liquor Control Board otherwise known as the LCB. On Wednesday, the LCB voted to raise the prices on Wine and Spirits sold in the state. Spokeswoman for the LCB, Stacey Witalec stated that the prices have not been increased for 18 months and must be raised due to the poor economy. Oh boy, they have not raised prices in 18 whole months! What a shame! Anyway, depending on what type of booze you like will determine how much the price goes up. Some will go up $0.50 while some like the 12-year old vintage Jameson Irish Whiskey will see an increase of $5.00 a bottle. Guess what I like to drink? You got it, the 12-year old vintage Jameson Irish Whiskey. Doesn't that figure! Boned again for having some class! The LCB will raise the prices on some 313 items which are found in all Wine & Spirits shops throughout the Commonwealth with the highest increase of $240 coming on a 750 ml bottle of Hennessy Cognac Paradis. The LCB claims that the vendors themselves have requested this hike due to higher costs to make, market and ship their products. Do I believe that the vendors requested this increase, NO! The price hike, said board spokeswoman Stacey Witalec, would create about an additional $3.9 million annually in profit and $2 million in tax revenue for the state. There you go! That's more like it! Blame it on the invisible vendors while the state grabs the money bag and runs.

Frankly, I think this just plain STINKS! It seems whenever the state needs some extra cash, they either tax or raise the prices on gasoline, cigarettes or alcohol. If they keep up these shenanigans, We The People will no longer be able to afford to have a little fun. Hell, they lowered the legal drunk limit so low all you have to do is smell a beer and you are considered drunk behind the wheel. Pretty soon, there will be no fun to be had and that is when all hell will break loose. Once these jug heads in Harrisburg start tampering with my booze, watch the hell out! We All know what happened during Prohibition! People will start making their own hooch to drink and sell on the side. Hell, I brew my own beer on occasion as a hobby, but may soon do it more often instead of buying it. I could easily fashion up a still in my garage. A friend of the R2G, Mike P and his wife make their own wine and brandy and have compiled quite a wine selection. The bottom line here is when will it all stop? When will the government stop whacking We The People every time they need some money to piss away. I'll tell you when...when we rise up and storm the government buildings to take over, that's when. It's time we get common sense government in place and NOW! They need to stop hitting us in the pocket book of fun!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Rearing His Ugly Head Yet Again

Just when we thought we had heard the last of our man Mark "Ciavy" Ciavarella, he now has reared his ugly head and is back in the news. To my dismay and the dismay of many others, a federal appellate court has granted "Ciavy's" request to declare himself indigent. No, not indignant, but indigent! In other words, he is broke, busted, down on his luck and cannot afford to hire an attorney on his own. Oh yes, you know where this is going. Now that a court has ruled that "Ciavy" has no dough, "We The People" will be paying for his lawyers to handle his appeal. ARE YOU FREAKIN' KIDDING ME! Our tax dollars will now be going to defend this piece of crap! I just blew the top of my skull off! My blood pressure just went to 240 over 138! I just had a mini stroke! Taxpayer dollars are going to pay, not appointed defense attorneys, but "Ciavy's" cronies Al Flora Jr and William Ruzzo. These two jug heads will be paid $125.00 per hour for their services. By the way, Flora and Ruzzo claim that they have not been paid for their services from the original trial and do not expect any payment soon. I guess the work "Ciavy" did painting porches with that idiot from City Wide towing did not pay so good. In case you didn't know, Flora and Ruzzo work part time in the Luzerne County Defenders Office along with their private practices. Why does this entire thing reek of the Wyoming Valley Sanitation Facility on a hot August Day? Of course the two attorney's also claim that they will work on the "Ciavy" case on their own time, after hours and weekends. SURE THEY WILL!

I guess what I want to know is how can a man who bilked the system out of so much money be flat broke. "Ciavy" claims that he has less than $500 to his name since being sent up the river. Hell, didn't he hide some of his stolen money in his relatives names? In fact, Federal Prosecutors questioned "Ciavy's" transfer of money from the sale of his Wright Township home to his daughter Lauren Stahl who then used it to purchase a townhouse in Kingston. No court action was ever taken on this one! Maybe our man should call on his good friend Rob Mericle to help with some money. Mericle has a few million laying around for "Ciavy" to borrow. No matter how you look at it, this entire deal stinks! I don't want my hard earned tax dollars going to defend the appeal of this scumbag! He broke the trust of the people when he sat on his judges throne and for that the people should let him rot in prison. To me, this is like a slap to the face of the taxpayers of Luzerne County. He bones us and then turns around and and uses us like a prostitute on Friday night.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Kids For Cash" - No Mericle

It appears that the "Kids For Cash" ordeal is far from over. Some of the masterminds behind this scheme have been locked up while others remain free to inflict more damage to Luzerne County and its citizens. This past week, local developer and Juvenile Center Operator Robert Mericle had his lawyer file a 47 page legal brief and court motion opposing the proposed $17.75 million settlement of the “kids for cash” lawsuits. In a legal brief filed late Wednesday, attorney Bernard Schneider cites numerous reasons why the settlement should be rejected, including claims that the agreement unfairly favors certain juvenile plaintiffs over others. Sounds like something that our man "Ciavy" did to these juveniles. Schneider also raises concerns that some attorneys have a conflict of interest that would allow them to unfairly seek a larger cut of the settlement for juveniles they personally represented. Now in case you didn't know, this settlement releases Mericle from a series of class-action lawsuits filed by juveniles who allege they were incarcerated as part of a scheme to enrich former Luzerne County judges Mark Ciavarella and Michael Conahan and others. In other words it allows Mericle to buy his way out of trouble for $17.75 million dollars. I guess it pays to be rich. Anyway, Mericle and his team of top notch lawyers are claiming that the enhancement fund is biased toward the “worst” juvenile offenders because they, by virtue of their crimes, served more time than juveniles convicted of lesser crimes. He cites the case of a juvenile who raped his 8-year-old sister and spent a substantial amount of time at PA Child Care in Pittston Township undergoing treatment. He will get substantially more money than two other juveniles he cites who served probation.

I think my brain may have just exploded here and is leaking out of my ears! First off, the juvenile who raped his 8-year-old sister deserved to go to the Juvie. This kid should get nothing, nadda, zip! No soup for you! Why would a convicted rapist not go to a lock up of some sort? This kid was not part of the "kids for cash" scheme. He was just convicted of a legitimate crime that went up before 'Ciavy" during the years he was putting kids away for petty stuff. It appears that either Mericle's lawyers are trying to delay Big Rob from bucking up or the judgement on the settlement is skewed. Either way, it does not surprise me that it is all screwed up! This money was to be set aside for the kids who actually were "wronged" by being sentenced to time in the juvie slammer and not the ones that actually committed crimes that warranted time to be served.

Oh, there is more. The novel like court brief also alleges the distribution of the money would favor juveniles who were represented by attorney Barry Dyller of Wilkes-Barre and the law firms of attorney Sol Weiss of Philadelphia (pictured at left) and William R. Caroselli of Pittsburgh. According to Schneider, attorneys from the Caroselli and Weiss firms are on the claims committee, which would give them inside knowledge of the number of claims made against the enhanced benefit fund. Dyller, who was co-counsel with Weiss, also would have an unfair advantage in arguing for his clients in the claims process, Schneider contends. WHAT! WHAT! ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME! There are lawyers on the claims committee who represent KFC (kids for cash, not Kentucky Fried Chicken)plaintiffs? Isn't this a total conflict of interest? It would appear so, but from their angle it makes total sense. These lawyers would want their clients to get more money so they can earn a higher legal fee. This is an outrage! Now mind you, the parents of the kids who went out to get lawyers would conceivably get more compensation simply because they have a lawyer fighting for them. But to have those lawyers on the claims committee is a crime in itself.

However you look at it, this thing is a mess. It's the only way it could be here in Luzerne County and I am not sure it will ever change. The money grubbing parasites are always looking for a way to haul in or spend less cash any way that they can. In the long run, us poor slobs keep getting the "shafter in the after" because our hard earned tax dollars are going into the bogged down court system. It appears that Rob "It's a" Mericle is down to his final play of the game and is throwing up the Hail Mericle play to try to squeeze out of bucking up. We shall see what happens.

On a quick note, does anyone know if our good buddy Thom "The Tick" Greco has actually spent time at the soup kitchen slopping out hash for the needy? I made some inquiries on this subject and no one could give me an answer. My guess would be no. If you know anything, let the R2G know.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Moon - Researching Gravity?

First off let me say, Happy New Year to all of you Gripers out there. It was a great year with plenty to Gripe about. The R2G celebrated it's 2nd Anniversary in December which also saw the 10,000 hit mark being eclipsed. 2012 should be an interesting year especially if you believe in the Mayan prophesies. Even if you don't, the people of NEPA should be able to entertain us with their usual bucket filled to the brim with moronic acts. Now on to the first Gripe of 2012.

I read in today's Times Leader that not one, but two probes have entered the moons orbit to study our closest neighbor in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Grail (Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory) probes were launched back in September and will mark the 110th mission to the lunar wasteland. YES, 110th mission. I did not realize that we sent 110 missions, which include the Apollo missions to the desolate rock that orbits around the Earth. These two probes are scheduled to study and send back data concerning the gravity on and around the moon. I have to think that we would have had this all figured out in the 1960's when Buzz Aldrin set foot on the lunar surface. Has the gravity surrounding the moon changed that much in 40 plus years? I wouldn't think so! The question here is why are we studying this again?

There could be several reasons which have not been released by NASA as of yet. Reason one could be their theory that we will use the moon as a stepping stone to Mars. I guess we would need to know all about the gravity in order to build a launching station there. This seems to be a good reason, however once again I say shouldn't we know all of this information by now? Reason number two would be that we never did land a man on the moon as some conspiracy theorists would believe therefore we know nothing about the moon other than it stares us in the face almost every night. This reason does have one major flaw. That flaw is that scientists just recently claimed that they found the remnants of our lunar missions on the surface of the moon. Of course it took us 30 years to actually look for this space junk. Odd, isn't it! Finally, reason three which is the 2012 theory of the alignment of our solar system into the Dark Rift or the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Some scientists believe that this alignment will cause great changes in gravitational pulls as well as increased solar activity. The increased solar activity is a fact, not a Mayan Prophecy.

I am leaning toward the third theory on this one. If we actually landed on the moon back in the 60's and I believe we did, then why in the hell do we need to study the moon? The man in the moon is nothing more than a barren orb that circles our planet. It does guide our tides and gravity to some point. Without the moon we would be in deep doo-doo. However, this mission combined with the solar ion collector which was attached to the space station during the last shuttle mission makes me think that something is up. I bet you didn't know that little fact! It also makes me think that our government knows something about this 2012 thing and they are clamming up. Isn't that usually what our government does? Hell, they have kept denying the existence of UFO's for how many years now. I think the rats in the federal government know something bad may happen and they are not telling us. Why would we waste millions of dollars to go back to the moon when millions of Americans are hungry and do not have health care. It just seems odd to me. Let's cut the crap! It's time to spill the beans on the entire galactic alignment thing so we all know what we need to do. I for one am getting ready. My first purchase is ammo!