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Friday, November 12, 2010

The Big Shakedown

Our parasite friend Thom Greco was in the news again yesterday. Finally the largest tapeworm in Northeast PA. was sentenced on his watered down charge for not turning in former Luzerne County Commissioner Greg Skrepenak on shaking him down for a few TV sets. "The Tick" as I like to call him was sentenced by you guessed it, Judge Conoboy to 2 years probation, a $10,000 fine and 50 hours of community service at the St. Vincent DePaul Soup Kitchen. He will be joining Former Luzerne County Clerk Of Courts Bob Reilly on Jackson St. Judge Conoboy sentenced Reilly to a fine and community service at the Soup Kitchen. Let me just say this whole think stinks! It wreaks of garbage all around. Greco claims that he thought he was "doing Skrep a favor" by obtaining 9 TV sets for Big Ugly's Bar. Greco pays $14,000 for the TV's and then turns them over to Skrep. When Greco asks Skrep for the money, he refuses to pay saying, "For all we have done for you, you pay for them". WHAT! Are you kidding me?

This entire thing is bogus all around! First off, what kind of TV's did Thom "The Tick" buy. Nine TV's for $14,000? That's about $1,500.00 per set. Skrep asked Greco to buy them below retail. You can go over to Walmart and pick up a 32 inch flat screen for under $700.00. Second, I have been in Big Ugly's and I don't remember 9 TV's. There may have been 5 or 6, but not 9. The place was not that big. Third, why would Skrep ask Greco to get the TV's? Sounds to me like he thought "The Tick" would have gotten them off the back of one of Thomas C. Thomas's produce trucks. This part I might be able to believe. A few hot TVs, why the hell not?

If you are not familiar with the Market Street Square situation here goes. You will throw up when you read this. Our business savvy County Commissioners had loaned the Luzerne County Development Authority $200,000.00 to put toward the purchase of the run down Market Street Square Complex which Greco owned and ran into the ground. The Authority then purchased this once grand complex and now a total dump thanks to "The Tick" for $5.8 million ($5,800,000.00)in 2006. BINGO! Of course, Skrep thought he should have received a small token of appreciation for "The Tick" making $5.8 million. It's all becoming clear! Of course he should have! Everybody else does! The least Greco could have done was toss him a few TV's. When a buddy does you a favor, the least you can do is buy him a beer or two. That's how my world works. Christ, Skrep did "The Tick" a $5.8 million dollar favor.

The bottom line here is they all got Freakin' caught and Skrep is taking the shot to the balls for them all. It's like the mafia guy taking the jail time for the boss. Greco knew exactly what those TVs were for and he threw Skrep under the bus. I think the bus was totaled when it ran over Skrep. I say "The Tick", like Bob Reilly should have been thrown into the crowbar hotel along with the rest of the rats nest. Shit, it all stinks and the smell is wafting higher and higher. I think maybe we should investigate Judge Conoboy for handing down these slaps on the dick or should I say wrist for these clowns. Who's next? Who knows? What I do know is the days these guys are ladeling out the soup I am going to throw on some old clothes and go down for some chow.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Barletta - Now It Comes Out!

The election is over and what do I see? No it's not 8 reindeer pulling a fat man in a sled. It's Hazleton facing a $2.4 million dollar legal bill for Lou Barletta's bogus immigration battle. If you don't know what $2.4 million looks like, here it is...$2,400,000.00. Yep there are lots of zero's. A Federal Appellate court ruled yesterday that Hazleton's insurance company does not have to pay. Guess what that means? You got it. The taxpayers now foot the bill for this chowder heads illegal immigration fight. What I want to know is why did the Feds conveniently wait to rule on this case until after the election? Was the fix in on Kanjo? I think if the tax payers knew this the election results may have been different. Instead, the voters put this zipper head into office without knowing or ignoring all the facts.

Let me say this much. I am going to keep a close eye on you Lou! I am going to be on you like stink on a monkey. I hate monkeys! The Gripe will be watching!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Bob Reilly - Really?

Former Luzerne County Clerk of Courts Bob Reilly was sentenced to two years probation for lying to federal agents during their investigations of the rats nest at the courthouse. Judge Richard P. Conoboy handed down the lame sentence stating that "Bullshit" Bob suffered enough by losing his cupcake courthouse position as well as his second job selling cars. "Really" Reilly also has to pay a meek $1,000.00fine and perform 50 hours of community service at The St. Vincent Depaul Soup Kitchen.

Let me say, I am totally confused by this sentence. Greg Skrepenak got 2 years at a federal pen for taking a $5,000.00 bribe. That scumbag Thom Greco withheld information to the Feds and will most likely get a slap on the wrist. Reilly told a little white lie to federal investigators stating that he took a $200.00 payment from Barton Weidlich for a no bid construction contract. In reality, he took three payments totaling somewhere between $1,000.00 and $1,500.00. My question here is why is he not checking in to the crowbar hotel? "Slippery Bob" was originally charged with bribery but investigators lowered the charge when he decided to plead guilty. I don't get it? So, if you confess to the crime you get a lesser sentence? Not so for Skrep. They socked it to him. As for "Bucko" Bob, he should be donning the orange jump suite with the rest of the county rats. If it were you or I, we would be in the lock up looking at the stripped light and a guy named Bubba in the shower.

Now here is the real kicker. "Dollar" Bob resigned his position as Clerk of Courts and he thinks that he should still get a pension. Are you Freakin' kidding me? He lied and took bribes while in office but still thinks he deserves his county pension. WHAT! Is that total arrogance. I think he should be stripped of his pension along with his clothes, given a full body cavity search and tossed in the clink. He broke the trust of the people that put him in office and to me that trumps the slap on the wrist he got. I think "slippery" Bob should take what he is being given and get on his knees to pray that he got off easy.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Results Confirm The Masses Are Idiots

The ballots have been tabulated, the hanging chads totaled and the results are in and I have confirmed that yes the masses are idiots. They are total morons, chowder heads, imbeciles, nitwits and lunk heads. The proof is in the pudding. Lou Barletta, a total lunatic has unseated incumbent Paul "Kanjo" Kanjorski for the 11th Congressional Seat in Congress. I can't freakin believe it! Barletta has guided the city of Hazleton into the bowls of shitdom because of his crusade against any minority that crosses his path. I almost shit myself when I saw that little check mark next to his name declaring victory. I am beside myself! I can't believe how naive and stupid the masses are. This stupidity was also confirmed when Casino Mario and Let's Move Jobs Overseas Corbet also won their races. I am outraged by how fucking stupid people are. What they hell is going on here! I feel like my intelligence has been violated by the masses of morons. People in general are freakin knuckleheads and this election is proof. How people can actually cast a vote for that shit bag Lou Barletta is beyond me. The goofy group of voters just took a senior Congressman with all the connections and power and cast him aside for a stooge like Barletta. This guy is a maniac and the idiotic public just sent him to Washington. What an embarrassment! I am still beside myself with disbelief. I guess I shouldn't be because I always said, "The Masses Are Idiots". This election has proved me to be correct again.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Election Endorsements - Gripedorsments

After all the bogus TV commercials, all the nauseating radio commercials and all the eye wrenching signs, it is finally election day. Or should I say thank god it's election day. All the newspapers and talk radio show hosts have given their weak and spineless endorsements to their favorite candidates and now it is time for the real thing. Here are the "Gripedorsments for the major races.

Pennsylvania Governor
The candidates for Pennsylvania Governor are Republican Tom Corbet and Democrat Dan Onorato. Corbet claims he is going to scale back spending and put and end to perks. Good freakin' luck with that. Perks in Pennsylvania government have been going on since Ben Franklin. Anybody who says he is going to stop this kind of stuff is delusional. As for cutting spending, how much more can we cut? This ploy sounds like a restructuring of government which means lost jobs, increased health care and wage freezes. I'm sure he won't cut the Governors pay. As for Dan Onorato, he touts his experience in government and his savvy around Harrisburg. Onorato feels that tax payers are overburdened, small businesses are over taxed and the state infrastructure is in a shambles. One thing I can tell you is my ass is sore from getting bent over the tax barrel and the Pierce St Bridge is like Berlin after a week of carpet bombing.

Gripedorsment: Both candidates bring different skills to the table. However, I like the name Onorato because it sounds like Ontario. I always caught a lot of fish in the Ontario area so I am for Onorato. I like saying his name over and over....Onorato, Onorato, Onorato.

U.S. Senator 10th District
The Democrats bring Joe Sestack to the table while the Republicans belly up with Pat Toomey. Pummeling Pat wants to totally dismantle the new Health Care Reform Law while Sestack maintains his experience as a Congressman makes him the better candidate. In case you don't know, this Senate seat was held for a millennium by Arlen "Traveling Bullet" Spector.

Gripedorsment: Nobody really seems to know much about these two jug heads. So with that in mind, I am going with Sestack. The only reason I like this guy is again, his name. It sounds like Slestacks. If you don't know what a Slestack is, you should be pistol whipped. The Slestacks were the evil reptilian aliens on the 1970's TV show Land Of The Lost.

US Representative 10th District

This is the big one. In the red corner, wearing the bright red trunks and sporting the Polish Falcon, Democrat Paul "Kanjo" Kanjorski. In the blue corner, wearing the black trunks with the skull and cross bones, Republican Lou "Let's Run Those Illegal Aliens Out Of Town" Barletta. This battle has been a slug fest right from the start. Luscious Lou is making his 3rd attempt at this office and is currently 0-2. Barletta is best known for milking the city of Hazleton dry with his attempts to round up and deport anybody that isn't white with blond hair and blue eyes. While he concentrates on his crusade, Hazleton is going into the shitter. As for Paul Kanjorski, he is a long term Congressman who has been implicated in some circles of funneling government money to his relatives. Let's never forget his nephews failed efforts with the rubber pulverizing business. However, Kanjo was partially responsible for getting the funding for the River Levy Project. Speaking of the river, the Nanticoke Flash wanted to build an inflatable dam across the filthy Susquetucky River for recreation.

Gripedorsment: "Kanjo" He has tenure in Washington and can funnel money to NEPA. I just hope he can funnel some cash my way. Kanjo has all the connections and knows all the right people. Hell, "Wild" Bill Clinton came to the thriving metropolis of Nanticoke to campaign for Paul. As for Lou, he is just plain freakin' crazy. A mad man! Bill Clinton didn't come to Hazleton. If Bill is for Kanjo, so am I.

Home Rule

Finally, the big question, should Luzerne County dump the 3 Commissioner system and go to Home Rule. I am not going to go into all of the particulars because it would take way too long. The Times Leader did a great explanation a few Sunday's ago in their Sunday paper. I read this breakdown, fell asleep between the 3rd and 5th paragraph, woke back up, did a few shots of Jamison and finished my research. In my opinion, lets shit can the 3 stooges, 'In The Can" Mary Ann, Steve Urban "Legend" and the third guy. No one really knows who he is. I think it is Curley...or is it Shemp...or is it Curley Joe? I don't know. I do know that the current system has failed. I say we put 12 knuckleheads in to muck it up more. Hell, why not.

There it is. Who knows which candidate is really the right one? All they do is bash the krap out of each other instead of giving us a real plan. I do know you should go out and vote on Tuesday. If you cast your vote, then you have The Right To Gripe about the people in office.