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Friday, January 15, 2010

Mark McGwire Fesses Up (Boo Hoo)

On Monday, January 11th baseball took another blow to the gut when Mark McGwire confessed to using performance enhancing drugs. Of course, none of us were surprised by this admission of gulit, only surprised that he actually came forward and spilled the beans. By the way, don't get the beans I mention here confused with "The Beanies" or uppers that players used to take before the games. Through all of the sniffles and tears, Big Bloated Mac poured out his guts to the public along with so many "I'm Sorries" that I alomst broke down and had a good cry right along with him.....NOT! This guy along with Rafael Palmeiro sat in front of a congressional hearing and flat out lied. As we all know, Palmerio tested positive for performance enhancers and now McGwire confesses. What I want to know is why are they not being served arrest warrants for lying to a congressional hearing? Immunity was not granted for the players that testified. If it was you or I, we would already be in the crowbar hotel eating 3 squares and sharing a shower with Tyrone. Why do these crimes go unpunished? In general, it all makes me sick! I say, we strip him of his records, ban him from any consideration for the Hall Of Fame and send him packing. A lifetime ban ala Pete Rose would do just fine. Rose never cheated, he just laid down a few wagers on some games. Speaking of McGwire's bloated records, would you believe this guy actually had enough nerve to call the family of Roger Maris to apologize for being a cheater? I'm sure the Maris family showed a ton of class and actually spoke to this bum. Their father Roger Maris was a classy player who never worried about himself. He was a team player unlike these slobs playing today minus Derek Jeter and a few others.

The question we have to ask now is, "Where do we go from here"? The answer I guess is within every baseball fan in America. Do we strike all of the records of players who confessed or tested positive? Do we put the ole' *asterisk next to their names or do we just forget about it and move on. I think major league baseball will take the latter road to follow. They are gutless lizards who are wishing that this will all blow over soon. As for myself, I say we strike their records and ban them from "The Hall" because they flat out cheated. We are taught as children to be honest and not to cheat. You don't cheat on a test, you don't cheat at monopoly or cards and "Damn It" you shouldn't cheat in sports. They gave the game of baseball a black eye by compromising the integrity of the game. For that they should pay the ultimate penalty...banishment from the game that they and we all love.

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  1. Keep the records....steroids or NO steroids...i want to see the best game possible with the money you pay to see these atheletes...hit the ball further, run faster, jump higher...i'm all for it...who knows what people did before.....i saw jim mccabe play softball last year, and there were some games where i think he was on the juice with the way he pitched and ran around the bases...so for the good of the game, the prolonging of careers, pop a few pills, drink some more liquids, inject some more serem...Bonds, Petite, Clemens, Sosa, and McGuire are all hero's.