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Sunday, February 14, 2010

People Of NEPA Shut The Hell Up

Last night I was at my son's soccer game in Scranton and the referee gave a yellow card to a player on his team for a trip. I vocally protested the call from the stands because there were many many trip fouls throughout the 4 games that they played but no yellow cards issued. I yelled "OH, that's not a yellow card"! Much to my dismay, some fat bastard sitting behind me started to complain to me that it was a hard trip and the player deserved a yellow card. My first thought was, who the hell are you and shut the hell up. Why do the people of NEPA always have to get their two cents in where it doesn't belong. You could be out talking to friends and BAM, some idiot you don't even know joins into the conversation with his or her opinion. I say, "Shut The Hell Up"! We don't care what you think. Keep your pie hole closed because the stench that you are going to spew does not matter to me. I have always said that the masses are idiots and what they have to say in most cases doesn't matter. It seems wherever you go there is some neanderthal grunting and clicking their useless opinion where its not wanted. For all this clown in the stands knew, I could have been a maniac who would wait for him outside with a tire iron to crush his skull in and believe me I wanted to. Of course, this does not deter the NEPA people from tossing their chunks of useless opinions on us. For some reason they just seem compelled to get their nonsensical tripe in when we don't want it. I say people of NEPA, know your role and shut the hell up!


  1. The smaller the IQ, the bigger the mouth. NEPA should sink into the mines and float out to sea!
    I HATE this area; I am embarrassed to say that I live here, and I CAN NOT wait to be out of here!
    BS - Pittston

  2. I find this to be so true no matter what you say and do for that matter there is some jackass who thinks there way of thinking is the only way,but after further review take a little time and look at what and who are associated with this type of jackass and you will find people who do not and will not listen to or simply try to understand any other point of view to this type of jackass i say as well because there is no other words or phrase to say to them SHUT THE HELL UP !!! may i add and MIND YOUR OWN DAM BUISNESS!!!