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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wilkes-Barre's New Inter-Model Center

I read in yesterday's Times Leader that Wilkes-Barre's new Inter-Model Center is almost complete. Part of this transportation hub will be ready to go in March with the remainder being finished in April or May. The price tag for this Inter-Commodel Center as I call it will be $28,000,000. Yes, $28,000,000! One of the reported highlights for this beast will be 752 new parking slots for the throngs of people who flock to Wilkes-Barre everyday. HA, are you kidding me! The only people who come to Wilkes-Barre are the people who work downtown and the folks who frequent the multitude of clubs and bars that are plastering the Main Streets. After dark, the place is a ghost town except for the bars and Movies 14. The people who go to the movies or the Kirby Center, watch the flick or show and then bolt to their cars in fear afterwords. of course, you always have the square scum that hangs out deterring normal folks from coming after dark. I guess they add to the attraction, like a carnival of misfits. This Inter-Commodel Center will also have spots for buses and taxi cabs as well. It now appears that the drug dealers who come from New York and Philly will have a central location to spearhead their drug trafficking. I guess my big question is, do we really need this thing? Maybe? However, I can think of several better things to do with $28,000,000 including paving some of our streets. The main roads that will take you to the Inter-Commodel Center, Coal St and Wilkes-Barre Blvd are atrocious. When you drive on them you think you are on the lunar surface. The pot holes swallow cars up daily. Its not the aliens taking all those missing people, it's the potholes! Don't get me wrong, once the downtown or should I say if the downtown is revived then maybe we may need an Inter-Model Center. It appears that so far we have made some progress. Right now when I look into my crystal ball I see this expensive transportation hub with no one visiting downtown Wilkes-Barre. The words 28 million dollar albatross immediately comes to mind.


  1. may i interject this, where the hell is the 28 million dollars comming from? oh yea your pocket and mine! just another thing about this county that pisses me off.

  2. Wow, 28 million. Isn't the inter-commodel just a glorified parking garage with an extra high first floor to accommodate buses? I hope there is more to that place than meets the eye.

  3. I remember cruising the square as a new driver at 16. Do you wonder why most left? Musical town - Bar;space Bar;space... However, did the money go to the salaries of people in the Valley?