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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Wyoming Valley - Cig Pig Central

I had the pleasure over the past week to spend some time in Portland Maine. Portland is known for its quaint restaurants, coffee shops and of course Lobster. However, the one thing I noticed about Portland was how clean the city was. There was very little litter strewn around the streets. It was very clean. When I arrived back to the Wyoming Valley via Interstate 81 I couldn't help but notice all of the garbage which was littered across the roadways. I also noticed as I have many times in the past all of the cigarette butts that are deposited by our filthy smokers on the edges of the roads at lights and stop signs. What a bunch of pigs! I don't know why the smokers think that it is OK to toss a butt out the window. Use a freakin' ash tray you filthy swine! Speaking of ash trays, I have actually witnessed people dumping a filled ash tray out their window of their car onto the roadway. You scumbags! I am sick and tired of looking at piles of butts littered across the landscape of Wyoming Valley! Shit, it looks like it has snowed cigarette butts. Next time you see someone flick a butt onto the ground yell, "Hey cig pig, pick up that butt"! Maybe if we all start yelling this the dimwitted smokers may get the hint.


  1. This has been a gripe of mine for a very long time. Thank you for bringing it up. I guess litter has become an integral part of our society. How else would we keep the residence of our criminal facilities busy? It’s not just the streets and roadways that are filled with litter around here. Those same pigs feel free to throw their litter anywhere they please. Who do they think they are??? Some places around here are worse than others. I think it all stems from how people are raised. If you are not raised to respect others and their property, then you will become a littering pig. I also think that those who do not take pride in their community will look past the litter. I know that it is very difficult for law enforcement to catch someone who litters and so do the litter pigs. As many times as I would like to say something to someone that I catch littering, I feel that it may be a very dangerous thing to do. Now-a-days you may get shot for your efforts. I live in Nanticoke. LCCC can rebuild ALL of the downtown building by building, and government grants can help to rebuild ALL the streets, but until the people of this community take pride and keep their own piece of the world clean and maintained, it will always be a pig sty. You can drive down the Main Street of Nanticoke in the summer and there will be dirt and litter on both sides of the street and weeds one to two feet high. (Welcome to Nanticoke) The same goes for many of the other communities around here.

  2. By the way, you can tell where the traffic lights are the longest around here. The cigarette butt drifts are the biggest. I could swear I saw a small black bear stuck in one of those drifts at River Road and the Cross Valley.