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Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Two For One Gripe - I'm Back and I'm Pissed

I am back from vacation and boy do I have a couple of Gripes for you. I had the opportunity to vacation at Virginia Beach last week and I must say overall it was a great place to go. One of the bright spots was watching the 4th of July fireworks being shot off over the ocean. So, you must be wondering where my Gripe comes in? Well, while sitting on my balcony watching the fireworks show, thousands of people filled the beach to watch. Early that next morning I went down to the beach only to find it covered in trash. The filthy roaches that stormed the sand after the sun went down just covered the beach in soda, beer and water bottles. It was like a Coke bottling factory had exploded. Even though the city had numerous garbage cans positioned in place, these scumbags just let their trash sit on the beach. All I have to say is "Clean up your shit you f*#@in scumbag bastards!" Why do people think that our good green earth is just a trash dump.

Speaking of trash, have you ever gone on a drive in the country only to turn a corner to see 3 tires and an old sofa on the roadside. What the hell is that all about? Take a ride up Jumper Rd in Plains and you will see this live and in person. People stealth up there in the middle of the night to dump their old furniture, tires or just about anything else they need to get rid of. Again I say, "Clean up your shit you f*#@in scumbag bastards!" And let's not forget the cigarette butts that people just flick out of their car windows at the traffic lights. When you come off one of the Cross Valley exits and stop for a light just open up your window and look down. You will see a blanket of butts.

I gotta ask, "Why do people think it is OK to litter"? IT IS NOT! Put your garbage where it belongs, in a freakin' garbage bag. If its too big, call somebody to haul it away or maybe you should simply cut it up and then put it in a bag. Of course, cutting it up would mean a little work and God forbid these filthy, scumbags do any work. Again I say, "Clean up your shit you f*#@in scumbag bastards!"

Also, while relaxing on the beach, I heard a plane flying by so I opened my eyes and what did I see? I saw a small plane pulling a Geico banner. I don't know about you, but I have had enough of that little lizard and Geico. Every time I see him I want to stomp his brains in! Whenever I hear a British accent I want to go into a fury! I can't take it anymore and there is no escape. Everytime I turn the TV or radio on I hear or see that flippin' lizard. I'm going out of my mind. I saw one at the Living Museum in Virginia and my family had to hold me back. When will it stop. I went to play a game on Facebook and guess what? Before I could play I had to watch a 15 second Geico commercial. The lizard, cavemen, Ed "Too Tall" Jones and Elmer Fudd are now high on my most hated list. I can't even watch Bugs Bunny cartoons anymore in fear of Elmer Fudd being on! The Geico madness must stop!

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