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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Results Confirm The Masses Are Idiots

The ballots have been tabulated, the hanging chads totaled and the results are in and I have confirmed that yes the masses are idiots. They are total morons, chowder heads, imbeciles, nitwits and lunk heads. The proof is in the pudding. Lou Barletta, a total lunatic has unseated incumbent Paul "Kanjo" Kanjorski for the 11th Congressional Seat in Congress. I can't freakin believe it! Barletta has guided the city of Hazleton into the bowls of shitdom because of his crusade against any minority that crosses his path. I almost shit myself when I saw that little check mark next to his name declaring victory. I am beside myself! I can't believe how naive and stupid the masses are. This stupidity was also confirmed when Casino Mario and Let's Move Jobs Overseas Corbet also won their races. I am outraged by how fucking stupid people are. What they hell is going on here! I feel like my intelligence has been violated by the masses of morons. People in general are freakin knuckleheads and this election is proof. How people can actually cast a vote for that shit bag Lou Barletta is beyond me. The goofy group of voters just took a senior Congressman with all the connections and power and cast him aside for a stooge like Barletta. This guy is a maniac and the idiotic public just sent him to Washington. What an embarrassment! I am still beside myself with disbelief. I guess I shouldn't be because I always said, "The Masses Are Idiots". This election has proved me to be correct again.

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