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Monday, December 20, 2010

The 12 Gripes Of Christmas

On the 9th day of Christmas the county gave to me...

No Manger Scene

The Closing of Moon Lake Park
Judge Ciavarella
Commissioner no one heard of
Greg Skrepenak
Corruption in the Courthouse
Reassessment Debacle
Greco and his TV's
And the bogus Levy Fee

It was just about one year ago today that the gutless cowards at the courthouse took down the manger scene along with the menorah because the local ACLU threatened to sue which could have cost the taxpayers up to $175,000.00 in legal fees. Just the thought of that sent courthouse employees scrambling to get the stuff off the front lawn and into the dank basement of the courthouse. It was a gutless act of fear! Skrep, Turban Urban and In the Can Mary Ann bellied up instantly and gave the edict for their removal. Personally, I would have told those moral morons at the ACLU to pound sand where the sun don't shine. The ACLU stated that only 2 religions were represented and that was wrong. So to appease these idiots, the county added a few light up candy canes, a snowman and a Happy Kwanzaa sign. Is Kwanzaa actually a real holiday? Anyway, this made the ACLU jerk offs happy and all was good some 3 days later. As for the county, shame on you for actually taking the stuff down. You showed your yellow underbelly even though you had 100% support from just about every resident in the county. By the way, on December 26th the Irish celebrate The Day Of The Wren. God damn it, I want a big inflatable wren on the lawn of the courthouse or I'm suing their asses off.

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